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What do you really want to achieve?

Who, and what, do you want to be?

You CAN achieve it. You CAN be it. You CAN live it. And more!

Studycoach supports people from all backgrounds to fulfil their dreams, by helping them to gain the confidence, education and qualifications they need to grow, develop and succeed. People exactly like YOU. StudyCoach is a Private Education Provider also helping parents to support their children’s education and businesses with Staff Training. Our services include:

  • Books
  • Dissertation/Research Project Service
  • Academic Support
  • Storytelling Products Supporting Parents

Our promise is that you will receive an excellent standard of support, guidance and training, enabling YOU to acquire new skills; raise learning curve, achieve your qualification to the highest standard, paving the way for you to actualise your potential, find meaningful employment or to establish a successful business of your own.

Who are the services designed for?
Do you want to develop your academic skills, to improve your understanding of theoretical ideas, so you can produce excellent essays and research projects?
Do you need a Life Coach to help you manage educational and social stressors, to enable you to achieve life goals and ambitions?
Do you want support with HomeSchooling or with Staff Training to up-skill staff on topics such as ‘Team Work’ ‘Diversity’ ‘Stress’ ‘Motivation’?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, StudyCoach provides a professional academic support and training service to enable learners to improve grades and to facilitate businesses with staff training; helping parents to develop teaching skills and employees to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge. Saving People Time and Money with Training.

What services does Studycoach offer?
Studycoach services are divided into four specialist areas:

Those suited to students wishing to improve Academic Essays
Subject areas: Nursing & Midwifery, Mental Health, Social Care, Humanities, Social Work, Social Science, Psychology, Law, Criminology.

Those suited to students writing a Dissertation/Research Project
Academic support is offered with research methodology, the proposal, and writing the Dissertation/Research Project – Dissertation Writing Support Service.

Those designed for Parents HomeSchooling and Employers delivering Staff Training.
Staff Training Resources are designed to teach Interpersonal Communication Skills, Diversity and Social Psychology in the Workplace, Leadership, Stress Management, Diversity, Learning in the workplace. Training Resources to help Parents teach and guide young people homeschooling and supporting educational matters; helping parents with teaching skills.

StudyCoach offers Workshops, they are run in comfortable venues in Bedfordshire. We always try to choose the venues to make delegates’ travel arrangements as uncomplicated as possible, although with bigger groups, we can’t always please everyone!

StudyCoach 1-2-1 FaceTime Support Service
StudyCoach FaceTime Academic Support and Life Coach Service provides students’ with the help they need to succeed in writing Essays/Research Projects/Dissertation, students are guided to achieve high grades. The Life Coach Service is available to the general public to support people to manage stressors and realise their potential.
Click here for further information on our Online Support Services.

To find out more about our Support Services and FaceTime calls, or just to have a chat about how we might be able to help you to achieve your goals, call Morel Benard on 07944 849271 or email

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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