Psychology: Classical Conditioning

If you’re having difficulties with understanding concepts such as extinction, generalisation, discrimination, then I suggest that you should first reflect on the basic concepts of stimuli and response. When you have an improved understanding of the basic concepts you will be better placed to understand the other concepts. It is better to slow down and
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Dissertation: What is Primary Research?

Hello, this is Study Coach. I imagine that you have spent hours trying to make up your mind on what is the best topic to research. I know that some students will simply choose a topic because they believe that there are numerous researches on the particular topic. I think that it is better to
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Essays in the News

If you are looking for an academic service to support you with assignments, then do consider getting in touch with Study Coach. You will need to draft your assignment and Study Coach will act as your critical friend, supporting you to improve your work. We understand that meeting assignment deadlines, understanding new concepts, attending placements,
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Barriers to Learning – Study Coach

DYSLEXIA & ADD   SPEAKING LISTENING READING WRITING Language concentrates on four key skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Learners should be encouraged to actively listen and to discuss others’ ideas and present their own. Teachers and Facilitators should therefore encourage learners to say what they think              about what
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