Writing Poetry, Women Empowerment | Poet: Morel Benard

The study of poetry is part of the GCSE national curriculum and it allows students to tap into their creativity. Poetry is defined as a type of literature conveying thought, a poem can tell a story in a concentrated way, using lyrical arrangement of words. A poem is a form of expression, it is art,
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Help with Essay/Dissertation Writing, Study Tips

Study Coach UK is here online to support university and college students with academic assignments.  Writing essays can cause students anxiety, and we are here to help you, so that you can reduce stress levels. Study Coach provide students with support on a one-to-one basis, in order to help raise the standard of essays. We
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What is Plagiarism, Academic Misconduct | Study Coach

Study Coach Online Academic Support for University and College students, supporting students to meet learning outcomes and raise essay/dissertation grade. Submit your draft assignment to Study Coach today. The following content will help you to avoid plagiarism. If you have a question about Plagiarism or need an Essay Support Service, then do get in touch
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Thank you so much for all the support and advice, it was hard going at times, and I will always remember you.

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