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Staring at the blank paper, trying to figure out what to write

Do you have so many thoughts swimming around your mind

Are you at panic station where nothing feels real 

Yet you need to write and to submit on time and keep to the brief


If yes to the above, we know what you mean

Writing assignments can create anxiety and some tutors are hard to please

We understand your pain and we are here to help 

We will support you to figure out how to proceed 


Stop panicking, relax and learn to breathe

A stressed mind won’t help you to create a masterpiece

You need to read and re-read before making a plan

Identify a framework, ensure models and concepts are suited to the plan


Study Coach is here to support you with your needs

We are Online, not 24/7 but somewhere in between

You can call us for a chat about how to structure the plan 

How to select a research statement, and how to critique


Study Coach will support you to find your niche

To raise your learning curve and find the literature you need

You will draft aims and objectives and research questions too

Plan a search strategy and give a critical review


Study Coach is UK based, we are academically sound

We work ethically to support you, so come and make yourself proud

Study Coach UK objective is to Entertain and Educate 

We do Storytelling, Spoken Word, we love to create 

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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