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A recent Guardian newspaper article brings attention to the challenges facing University students now learning online. With campuses closed and more Universities and Further Education Colleges moving to online education, students are having a rough time. Face-to-face teaching now replaced with webinars, students are left to struggle on their own and from what we have learnt the new formula is: Do the reading and post comments on an online discussion board. 

Distance learning is not easy, it requires different skills to face-to-face learning and we sympathise with University students (this is not what they signed up for). We also sympathise with lecturing staff, who never signed up to be an open learning lecturer. Education is changing, it is moving in a new direction and with the prediction of fewer foreign students starting studies at a UK University in September 2020, some institutions might be forced to close or to close certain departments and others might decide to deliver teaching and learning entirely remotely. Welcome to the world of online learning.  

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If courses move online, it is clear that the impact on students education will be great and students will struggle to learn remotely. Study Coach UK is concern with students requiring Academic Support, furthermore the prediction is that a greater number of students will need Pastoral Support. Lecturers acting as Personal Tutors will have a heavy workload working online to provide Pastoral Support – this is a pain point. 

Study Coach is able to help lighten the burden for Universities and students. We provide both Academic Support and Pastoral Support. We guide students on the importance of referencing assignments and understanding important issues such as Plagiarism; paying attention to Learning Outcomes, Grading Scheme, Critical Thinking Skills, less Descriptive more Discursive, Evidence Based Practice, Research Methods and other related study skills issues. We understand online learning, Morel Benard at Study Coach is an Open University graduate (BSc Honours, Psychology) and MSc Educational Leadership (University of Leicester). Study Coach is therefore well placed to support students with both Academic and Pastoral Support online.  

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