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Do you have problems with Essay Writing? Are you in need of more Study Skills? Why not Ask Study Coach for help? All you need to do is to ask and Study Coach will provide Academic Support to help you with your learning journey. Understanding academic requirements and writing assignments, particularly if English is not your first language or you have been outside of education for a while, can cause students anxiety. 

English as a Second Language Students:

Academic degree studies will require students to have a wide range of vocabulary. UK home students might have an advantage over international students, but UK students also have to learn to engage with academic vocabulary on entering university. Mature students returning to education can find the new world of academia to be very challenging. Help is however at hand from Study Coach. 

Ask Study Coach:

(1) Question: What is an essay mill?

Answer: An essay mill is similar to a factory, the mill produces essays for students. The student gives the essay writing service (essay mill) instructions and payment to write the student’s essay. Using an essay writing service/essay mill is clearly against University/College rules, students should also find this practice to be unethical. The use of an essay mill, essay writing service is categorised as plagiarism. 

(2) Question: Could you offer a Study Skills Tip?

Answer: Yes! It is important for first year students to understand the term ‘concepts’. Academic subjects can be loaded with conceptual ideas, raising awareness about concepts will help students to raise their essay grades. 

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(3) Question: Could you give an example of a concept?

Answer: The term ‘accommodation’ is a concept. In respect of writing essays concepts are terms, usually linked to a particular theory, the theorist (researcher) gives us the meaning and our job is to understand the concept and to appraise.

Study Coach will explain further via an example. If you choose to study psychology and child development, you will no doubt be introduced to research carried out by Jean Piaget. You will learn that Piaget created the concepts of accommodation, assimilation and intrinsic motivation. If you missed the College/University lecture or you didn’t do the reading or failed to understand, you might believe that Piaget’s ‘accommodation’ is about a house, dwelling place, apartment, this would be incorrect. So, raise awareness about concepts before you start planning an essay. 

(4) Question: How to achieve the Essay Writing word count/limit?

Answer: You will struggle to write if you don’t know what to write. To achieve the word count you must fully understand the theoretical concepts stated in the assignment brief, and note the guidance in the learning outcomes. If instructed to discuss the usefulness of Piaget’s concepts then you should do so. The discussion will require you to raise thoughts and this will need words, for example: is Piaget’s ideas more useful to parents or to teachers – discuss.

Study Tip – Dictionary: 

Take care not to rely on the ordinary English dictionary to find an explanation for an academic concept (I would not recommend this).  Remember that it is the theorist who will give the theoretical concept meaning. The ordinary English dictionary will give you a definition of the term accommodation, but it won’t be the same definition as given by the theorist (in this case the theorist for accommodation is Piaget). 


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Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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