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Storytelling Audio Books to Educate & Entertain with Storyteller Morel Benard are available on Youtube.  Stories are presented in episodes, you will find previous episodes in the Playlist and completed stories can be found in Playlists. Listening to stories can help to generate thoughts, become informed, stimulate creative ideas, provide education, help to fill leisure hours, and help to extend language skills particularly if listeners are English learners. 

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Storytelling & Learning English 

Listening to Stories can help people to become more familiar with English language. Listening to English radio stations, television programmes and podcasts are alternative ways to become more engaged with English language. If learning American English then listen to programmes from America or if you prefer British English then make time to listen to British speakers. Study Coach storytelling videos with Morel Benard will help listeners with English as a second language to improve pronunciation skills. 

Storytelling and Homeschooling

Storytelling is a great way to entertain learners. Parents and Carers with responsibility for Homeschooling can use stories to teach lessons and to design accompanied learning tasks. The target audience for Study Coach stories on Youtube are adults, but parents can select suitable episodes of stories for Home Schooling purposes, simply have a look at the Playlist and episodes. The stories can also help parents, grandparents and other family members who are house bound. 

Detective Stories

Agatha Christie’s detective stories with the central character of the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is as famous as the author Christie, a number of Agatha Christie’s books have been made into television programmes. You will find the story of Styles in Study Coach playlist, this could be a suitable resource to include in a Homeschooling programme, since learners are likely to have knowledge of Detective Poirot. 

Retirement & Audiobooks 

Ill health can impact on our ability to enjoy reading, the activity of reading can become taxing on our energy, if this is the case then Study Coach videos should prove useful to people who feel unable to read. Each episode of storytelling is usually presented in a 20 minute slot, listeners can pause the audio and resume when convenient. You can also re-listen to the videos to aid understanding whenever you choose. Hop over to Youtube and select a Study Coach video. 


If you are in the mood for romance then you will find the complete work of Lady Chatterly’s Lover in Study Coach UK Playlist on Youtube. It is a raunchy story, the work was once banned but we are now in a different era, the work today might be considered quite tame, given changes and expectations in society. Lady Chatterly’s Lover is an interesting story, since it depicts life when coal mines were open before the transition of the move from the North of England to the South of England. 

Study Coach UK Storytelling 

Stories are available and waiting for you to watch and download from Study Coach UK channel on Youtube. There is no charge for the videos, it is all freely available. Viewers will find a range of stories to choose from, such as stories about romance, science-fiction, real life stories, detective stories and more. New stories are added on a continuous basis. 

Stories on YouTube

The audio world of YouTube presents opportunities to help educate adults through storytelling. The use of audio means that we can attend to other tasks as we listen, for example, via a device listeners can take a walk, go to the gym and carry out other tasks whilst listening to a good story. As previously stated storytelling can also benefit adults with learning English, listeners can improve articulation and listening skills through accessing the stories. Here is a second link to the Study Coach UK YouTube channel page:


The world of audio is great because it clearly requires the use of listening skills, and will therefore help to increase and fine-tune active listening skills. Listening to stories can also help seniors to keep engaged in social interactions, and help with overall communication skills. Stories can also provide thoughts for discussion and help to widen our perspective on particular issues. Listening to Study Coach videos could be a short cut to catching up on literature read or not read at school. Listening could also help people to develop their own storytelling skills and apply the skills  when pitching for business or in other areas of work and team building. 


The science-fiction book ‘Read my Mind’ is thought provoking (the mind continues to process ideas, make decisions, analyse information, but the man’s body is no longer in existence). The Science Fiction story of Read my Mind – The Power of Mind, tells of a scientist without a physical body but with a super intelligent mind. In the mountains in an old mine tunnel our main character Mel is given a mechanical voice (AI), his scientist colleague has destroyed Mel’s body and emotions. Given the advancement in technology and AI listeners should find the idea of a mechanical voice to be interesting. 

Invisible Man 

The story of the Invisible Man, a scientist named Griffin should also prove interesting to science-fiction lovers. Griffin has learnt to make himself invisible, unfortunately he makes use of his invisibility for purposes such as murder. You will find past episodes of the story in the playlist. 

Morel Benard Storyteller 

Morel Benard Storyteller is also a Poet (both storytelling and poetry are equally important to Morel).  Morel runs Study Coach, supporting learners with reading, writing and other academic issues. Storytelling is creative but it can play an important role in delivering academic knowledge to student’s and facilitate progress. 

Share Storytelling 

Please feel free to share Study Coach’s videos with others, whether they are in your locality or abroad. The stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion, and to enable people to become creative, plus enhancing listening and learning skills and providing entertainment. 

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Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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