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Once upon a time there was a Storyteller, she would Scribble & Scribe all day and night. If you scribble and scribe, if you like books, if you like stories, Study Coach UK on Youtube is narrating stories for you.  There is no cost to view, the videos are made for you, they are accessible all day and night and you can listen to as many videos as you like. 

Storytelling at Study Coach UK – Youtube

You will find storytelling videos here: 

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Scribble & Scribe

If you have an interest in writing stories, then I would like to encourage you to start scribbling, start scribing. If you Scribble and Scribe, I would like to Read what you Write, please get in touch. You could write about legends, mystical mermaid tales or myths about a particular jungle beast. If you are the romantic type then write about a fine romance, whatever takes your fancy just start writing. Stories on Study Coach UK YouTube are narrated by storyteller Morel Benard.

Storyteller/Narrator at Study Coach UK 

Morel Benard has acting experience and she is Study Coach UK Storyteller. Morel is also an Educator, Poet, Podcaster (she keeps busy). Storytelling is creative education, and listening to stories can certainly help to keep minds active. Furthermore, storytelling can help to promote listening skills. Stories can help the storyteller and learners to widen their perspectives, to progress in learning and at the same time provide entertainment for various communities. 

Reading for Health 

Reading can be challenging, not everyone can read, some of us might have health issues and this might impact on our ability to read. If you do find reading to be challenging no need to worry, Study Coach UK on Youtube will do the reading for you. If you are retired and now have more leisure time to enjoy stories, or perhaps you would like to write stories, Study Coach’s videos could help to spark ideas. Subscribe to Study Coach UK to receive notification of new uploads. It would be a pleasure reading for you and have you join the Study Coach listening community. Engaging with books is good for the mind, and storytelling is good for promoting listening skills, it would be great if care home staff would introduce service users to Study Coach storytelling. Youtube is easily accessible for seniors and there are positive benefits in using technology. Study Coach’s storytelling videos are all freely available to the public.

Books Online

Love John, Gentlemen prefer Blondes, Wuthering Heights, Love Among the Haystacks, Dracula, Christmas Carols and many other stories are waiting for you online at Study Coach UK channel. You can choose your prefer genre be it science fiction, fantasy, comedy, mystery, drama, or you can listen to a mix of genres. The story of Nirvana, Knowledge, Wisdom (Siddhartha’s story) is set in India (an Indian tale). Siddhartha is on a journey of self discovery and understanding ‘Om’, he is accompanied by his friend Govinda. The story in audio books is a great way to learn about an aspect of Indian culture, and to learn English through stories; meditation is an important part of the story, so you might find the story suitable for bedtime/sleep time listening. Books on meditation, self-improvement, self-development, success, achievement, wisdom, knowledge, emotional intelligence, psychology the study of mind and behaviour all have a part to play in our lives. Earlier, I talked about scribble and scribe, if you do want to write a non-fiction book about self-development, go ahead, I believe that there is a growing market for such books. 

Storytelling AudioBooks  

Stories are a great way to engage people at workplaces, today there is the idea of business-storytelling applied when pitching for business and also applied in other areas of work and team building.  Telling stories is a great way to pass on information and to educate. Children attending kindergarten will always look forward to story time, and much learning is achieved through storytelling. The world of audio is certainly helping to bring storytelling to a wider audience, impacting positively on both young and older listeners. Each episode of storytelling at Study Coach UK is usually presented in a 20 minute slot, listeners can pause the audio and resume when convenient. You can also re-listen to the videos to aid understanding whenever you choose. 

Free Science-Fiction Stories

Science fiction books can transport readers to a world of infinite possibilities, things can go bump in the night, bodies disappear but minds continue to be active. The story of the Invisible Man tells the story of Griffin a scientist who is double-crossed by his business partner (also a scientist). The unscrupulous business partner has left Griffin without a body. Will mind triumph over matter (body)? Listen to the video at Study Coach UK on Youtube.  The Invisible Man, a science-fiction story is set in England. The story of the Invisible Man, could leave us wondering what dark secrets are lurking in science labs, when we hear a sneeze but can’t see anyone, it could indicate that the Invisible man is about. You can take Study Coach UK audio books with you whenever and wherever you choose. The Free Books Online are selected to Entertain and Educate. Viewers will also find Romantic novels, Detective stories, Thrillers, Life Stories, and other stories on the dashboard and previous episodes in the Playlist. Stories are presented in episodes of approximately 20 minutes, and you can listen to the videos when it is convenient for you.  

Storytelling Thriller Dracula 

Count Dracula is a powerful beast, flying around in the middle of the night. Dracula is certainly a powerful book it conjures up evil powers, horror, and dark happenings taking place at night, or specifically after midnight. Reading Dracula or listening to the audiobook at night, could give you a fright, so if you are a sensitive type do the listening during daylight. The story of Dracula is set in Europe, it is a great way to learn about aspects of Europe and to learn English through stories. The Study Coach UK audio story of Dracula is presented in episodes, each audiobook builds on the previous episode, so do remember to listen to the next video. Subscribe to the channel to receive notifications. 

Books: Romantic Novels

The complete story of Lady Chatterly’s Lover is in Study Coach UK Playlist. Dearest Connie, the lady of the manor is frustrated with life. Lord Chatterly (Connie’s husband) is crippled from the waist down, there is no prospects of the couple having a child together. Will Connie go in search of a love interest? Lady Chatterly’s Lover is a raunchy story, the work was once banned, it was deemed to be too scandalous but we are now in a different era, times have changed and so has society’s views about respectability. If you’re looking for romance you will also find Love in the Haystacks in the Playlist; the story of two young country lads seeking a love experience, there is jealousy, but all ends well. You will also find Gentlemen prefer Blondes. 

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