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Story time is usually a favourite time of day for children attending school, most children will usually sit quietly and become engrossed in the story, children can become so captivated that the teacher might have to comply with requests for a re-read/repeat of the story. Storytelling over the decades have left us a wealth of literature to feast upon and Morel (the voice/storyteller) is making the most of available literature, to entertain children on Youtube. New material will also be incorporated. 


If looking for suitable resources to help educate and entertain children during Homeschooling or when doing general education at home, then do consider including some stories from Stories for Kids with Morel. Stories can help to spark a child’s imagination and provide ideas for essay writing and creative writing. 

Stories for Kids with Morel 

The channel Stories for Kids with Morel is easily accessible on Youtube. The stories narrated by Morel Benard are usually of about 15/20 minutes duration, stories for older kids can run to about 30 minutes.  Here is a Youtube link to the channel: 


Stories for Kids on Youtube 

The audio world of YouTube presents opportunities to help educate young people through stories. The use of storytelling is also designed to help children with learning English, listeners can improve articulation and listening skills through accessing the stories. When possible ideas for learning tasks are included in the video at the end of the story. 

Access to Storytelling

Early story writers wrote in verse, so that stories could be remembered and handed down, it also made it easier for children of a community to remember the stories. Today parents and carers can assist and supervise children with technology devices, so that children can listen to stories. Children can listen to stories from a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and other futuristic devices.

Audio Books  – Listening Skills

The world of audio is great because it clearly requires the use of listening skills, and will therefore help to increase and fine-tune children’s active listening skills. Listening to stories can also help young people with communication skills and with social interactions. Stories can provide young people with topics for discussion with friends and family. Stories are a great way for parents and carers to engage with their children and to interact with youths. 

Stories for Kids with Morel

Parents and Carers will find some one-off stories as well as some episodes. Each episode of a story is usually presented in a 20/30 minute slot; a one-off story is usually of 15 minutes duration. Irrespective of the length of a video/audio story, listeners can pause the audio and resume when convenient. Children can also re-listen to the videos to aid understanding whenever they choose (with parents permission).      

Story: The Cheeky Monkey

You will find a number of videos on Stories for Kids with Morel channel on Youtube, new stories will be added in the weeks and months ahead.  The Cheeky Monkey outsmarting Mr Shark is an amusing tale, in this story kids will also meet other characters including a Lion. 

Story: Timid Little Rabbit 

The little rabbit was taking a nap under a coconut tree, when he heard a very loud noise, the little timid rabbit is convinced that the loud noise is a signal that the world is falling in, and so the rabbit is on the run, and on the way he manages to convince other animals that the world is falling in, eventually he meets with the King of the jungle and he is taken back to the coconut tree to investigate. Listen to the story of the Timid Little Rabbit to find out what happened. 

Story: Animal Farm 

This story was once included in English Literature curriculum, it is a good read and is suitable for children age 10 plus, older children will particularly enjoy the story, it introduces ideas about social order, politics, leadership skills. Animal Farm is a developed story, so it is presented in episodes. 

Story: King Lion and the Cunning Jackals 

This story is great for the little ones and big kids too, listeners will learn how the smart Jackals (husband and wife) outsmart the Lion by bringing the Lion to the well. 

AudioBooks Online on Youtube

There is no subscription fee to enjoy the stories at Stories for Kids on Youtube, everything is Free, all you need is an internet connection, and you will have access to the books. If children find understanding the stories to be challenging or children encounter other difficulties, remember that you can pause the stories and re-listen, working at the child’s own pace. If you have older family members or family members with English as a Second Language they might also benefit from listening to the stories. They say that sharing is caring, so please share the videos with others (parents) and promote storytelling. 

The Voice: Storyteller Morel Benard on Youtube

Morel Benard is the voice at Stories for Kids, hence the title of the channel ‘Stories for Kids with Morel’. Morel is a qualified and experienced educator. 

Stories are available and waiting for young viewers/listeners to watch and download from Stories for Kids with Morel channel on Youtube. Teaching and Learning tasks are included in the stories, to support parents with Homeschooling and with children’s general education. New stories are added on a continuous basis. 

Share Storytelling: Stories for Kids with Morel   

Please feel free to share Stories for Kids with Morel, and please feel free to Subscribe. The stories will also support children living in countries where English is a Second Language. The stories can provide great opportunities for a family discussion, and to enable children to raise listening, analytical and creative skills. 

Link to Stories for Kids with Morel on YouTube 

 The Stories for Kids with Morel YouTube channel page:   


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