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Recently, I spent hours watching videos in order to become more familiar with online marketing. I am trying hard to bring Study Coach to your attention. Through watching videos I have learned a great deal, though I still need to understand a great deal more, anyway I believe in lifelong learning so I will continue with my learning journey. I would like to share one piece of learning that took me by surprise; the topic is not about online marketing, but it is in regard to dropping out of College/University. The following is a summary of one video interview. 


Interviewer Question: What is the best piece of advise you can give to a young person?

Influencer Answer: Best advice is don’t go to College, I repeat don’t go to College, it is a waste of time, college sucks. You’ll waste good years sitting there learning nothing, college is a waste of time. Go get a job, make money, invest in yourself, invest in you brand. Go travel, see the world, just don’t waste your time in college, you won’t learn anything.



I feel sad to hear that adults are so disillusioned with education, and I’m very concern that many young people will heed the advice being given and will decide not to enrol at college. Young people are easily influenced by ‘Influencers’. I must point out that the ‘Influencers’ are mega successful people, they are not failures, they are millionaires, they are clever people, but sadly they have zero confidence in the education system. It also appears that the Influencers have all been college drop outs, so their opinion is based on their personal experience. I respect personal experience, and from a business standpoint, I have great respect for what the respective Influencers have achieved in their lives (phenomenal success). However, I am strongly oppose to anyone  deterring young people from pursuing a college education. Having said this, I must also say that there has got to be something inherently wrong with today’s college/university education to evoke such negative feelings. 



It is clear that there is much amiss with College and University education system here in the UK and in the USA. It is clear that there is an urgent need for reform; educationalists should therefore be aware of what is being disseminated on social media and take steps to re-address the situation. What Grant Cardone, Gary Vee and other Influencers are saying, might not be very palatable, but it should be seen as a wake-up call. A college education is not offering a good return for many people; young people are being influenced to drop out of college and are chasing entrepreneurship success. They aim to be another successful entrepreneur, the new Mark Zuckerberg, Grant Cardone, Gary Vee. 



The indications are that some subjects, such as history, humanities, english, philosophy might be fun subjects to learn but they lack practicality and therefore students are choosing not to study these subjects. There is evidence to show both in the USA and UK, that poor enrolment has led to some courses being taken off the curriculum. Surely, history, humanities, english, philosophy and other subjects can be adapted and taught in a different way for application for work. 

Educational institutions need to acknowledge that technological changes are having a great impact on our way of life and career pathway. Today’s College/University graduates are entering into a competitive world and they need specific skills to give some guarantee of career success. Yes, it is challenging to make reforms, but it is crucial that meaningful programmes are developed to meet students needs. In order to please parents, some young people will enrol into college, but if they feel that college is a waste of time they will drop out or have a disengaged learning experience; either way this is not good. The time is well overdue to scrutinise our present curriculum, to make changes, to focus on providing students with the skills to apply theories into practice for employment or entrepreneurship. 

I will return to this topic in due course Morel Benard. 

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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