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Study Coach educational online supply store at Amazon, supplying Trainee career T-Shirts for youths. Example: Trainee Doctor, Trainee Entrepreneur, Trainee Scientist, Trainee Chef. Our Career T-Shirt Collection is available for you to view. What Do Young Learners Want to Be? Well, at first they might want to be a dragon-slayer or a fairy princess, and later graduate to become a Dentist or an Architect.  Study Coach UK has launched its Career T-Shirt Collection to help young minds think about future Careers. 

Training for the future

We are training our youths for the future, so all Study Coach’s career t-shirts are worded ‘Trainee’. For example: Trainee Doctor, Trainee Chef, Trainee Nurse, Trainee Scientist, Trainee Lawyer and many others are available. Please visit amazon and type in: youth+t-shirt+study coach. Select the Brand ‘Study Coach’ and the T-shirt collection will be displayed. 

Example: Trainee Nurse

Explore Careers

We don’t believe in ‘whatever will be will be’. We believe in gaining knowledge and exploring careers, raising awareness about job roles, acquiring relevant skills and developing qualities, being accountable, learning about job specification, responsibilities, researching and planning for the future. 

School Curriculum & Careers

Raising awareness about careers and exploring options at an early age will help young people to make links between school subjects and future careers, and help to set children up to eventually realise their potential. For example, electing to study STEM subjects, in order to become an Engineer or Scientist. 

T-shirts for Kids at Nursery

Young children at nursery can make great use of the t-shirts through role playing. The shirts will facilitate parents and nursery staff, working with children to acquire knowledge about specific skills and tools, learn technical terms associated with specific careers and help children through play to become aware of a range of potential careers.  

Trainee T-Shirts for Girls & Boys

Study Coach T-Shirts fit is for youths, both girls and boys and you will find a range of colours to choose from. We take a realistic view about chosen careers meaning that youngsters need to understand that some careers will require great dedication, hard-work and some careers will require great financial investment.

The mission behind the T-Shirts is to also reinforce the view that all careers have value and that one should feel equally proud to become a Plasterer, Medical Surgeon, Tailor, Astronaut or YouTuber. 

Brand – Study Coach

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