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What Do You Want To Be? Study Coach’s T-Shirt Career Collection is created to inspire youths to achieve their potential; the t-shirts make wonderful gifts. The Study Coach career T-shirts are available at See: Study Coach Youth Trainee Doctor T-Shirt at Amazon or Study Coach Youth Trainee Entrepreneur T-Shirt and many others and make your selection. 

T-Shirts & Mindset

Deciding on a suitable career can be a difficult task, schools do give career support but much more is required. It is never too early to start thinking about the future, today we might aspire to be a dragon-slayer or a fairy princess and tomorrow we might aspire to become an astronaut. Young people should be encouraged along with their schooling to become more aware about future careers and to start exploring and understanding job roles. The T-Shirts aim to change mindset, by wearing the chosen shirt, it will help to generate interest in the specific career, leading to young people wanting to research and explore possibilities. 

Study Coach & Education

From our experience working in education, many year 11 students lack knowledge about career options. Study Coach would like to give young people a head start by raising awareness at an early age about the world of work and how to plan to realise potential. 

T-Shirts – Careers

Study Coach believe that all careers should be respected (academic and vocational). We need motor mechanics, so aspire to be a great mechanic. We need doctors, so aspire to be a great doctor. The T-shirt will give a classic fit, solid colours, 100% cotton and a mixture of fabrics, machine washable, dry low heat. See: for product description, price, delivery and Amazon paying facilities and terms.  Careers: Doctor, Chef, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Hairdresser, Nurse, Lawyer and others

Careers T-Shirt for Boys & Girls Amazon - Study Coach
T-Shirts to inspire youths about future careers

Holiday Gift

Trainee Career T-Shirts can make a super holiday gift, and it could make a difference to a young person’s life, it says that someone else believe in their hopes and dreams and is encouraging them to work hard to achieve. A future career as a Scientist or Entrepreneur or Teacher, will begin to look more possible and less impossible.

Parents & Families supporting Youth Trainees

Parents and families are encouraged to inspire youths to become more aware of career choices. Early career awareness can help to inspire hopes and dreams and help youths to select relevant school subjects in view of their future careers. Raising awareness about the role of the Scientist can help to encourage young children to engage more with science subjects and become Trainee Scientists, or to become interested in a related job role. Study Coach’s T-Shirt Collection for Youths can help to broaden horizons, channel interests, unlock potential, stimulate research and inspire young people to consider themselves as trainees in the making, working towards their chosen career goals irrespective of social backgrounds. & Study Coach

What Do You Want to Be? Study Coach UK has launched its Career T-Shirt Collection to help young minds think about future Careers. The Study Coach  UK Store is at Amazon At some point in school the question of what do you want to be when you’re grown, will start to feature in young lives. It is a simple question and yet very significant. For many of us it can take years to decide on a suitable career. As educators we would like to help youngsters raise self-awareness about career options and help parents to facilitate their children’s future. 

Career T-Shirts for Girls and Boys

The T-Shirts for boys and girls are designed to raise awareness about job roles and place of work, the products will hopefully motivate youths to become knowledgeable about work duties performed and skills set. Study Coach aim to assist parents/families/carers and youngsters to explore options and career pathways. We take a realistic view about chosen careers meaning that youngsters need to understand that some careers will require great dedication, hard-work and financial investment.

The mission behind the T-Shirts is to also reinforce the view that all careers have value and that one should feel equally proud to become a Mechanic, Medical Surgeon, Chef, Teacher or YouTuber. 


Study Coach is here to support learners with academic studies, essays, presentations, dissertation and to inspire learners to achieve careers goals. Please take a look at our T-Shirt products at 

If you can’t find your chosen career, please feedback, we would love to hear from you.  

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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