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GCSE Psychology: What is Psychology and Social Influence? Psychology is the study of Mind and Behaviour, the study of Psychology makes use of scientific procedures. Psychology is therefore categorised as a science. In studying psychology, students should expect to conduct research (qualitative and quantitative) carry out experiments and use measurement to predict human behaviour. From
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Study Coach: What is Home Schooling?

In the USA the idea of Home Schooling is a norm but things are not quite the same in the UK; in other words in the UK Home Education in some circles is almost considered to be a novelty. It appears that in the UK the idea of taking a child out of school or
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Study Coach: What is Classical Conditioning?

ANSWER: Classical Conditioning is a form of learning and it is part of  Behaviourism psychological theory. The Behaviourism theory argues that behaviour is learned by a process known as conditioning and that there are two types of conditioning (Operant conditioning and Classical conditioning).  A notable Classical Behaviourist theorist is John Watson (1878 – 1958).  The
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Nature Nurture and Interactionism | Study Coach UK

Nature Nurture is a philosophical debate, that sets out to explain whether it is genetics factors or the environment that is more influential in shaping human development. Is our personality due to the genes we inherited from our family or did we acquire our personality because of being raised in a certain environment? Were we
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Study Coach, What is Motivation?

Answer: Motivation refers to the processes that are involved when we decide to initiate, direct and energise our thoughts towards a behaviour. Motivation involves the pushes and prods that we use in our everyday lives to encourage ourselves to take action, in other words to move ourselves (Miller, 1962). Some people might have no problem
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Study Coach: What is Stress?

Answer: Stress is caused when external events creates a negative reaction, or strain affecting the individual. Stress is the result caused by pressures of life. You could liken stress to having a heavy load on your shoulders, a person might therefore say that they feel pressured. Stress can be described as a combination of stimulus
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Study Coach: What is a Learning Disability?

ANSWER: A Learning Disability can be defined as a neurological disorder, it affects how a person will communicate, understand information and learn new skills. A Learning Disability could create difficulties in learning mathematical skills, learning to write, learning to read, the disability will subsequently pose difficulties for people to develop these skills in education. The
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Study Coach: What is an Abstract?

ANSWER: An Abstract is a summary of a research project or dissertation. The Abstract should outline the various issues found from undertaking the research project or dissertation. A Abstract should inform readers of the methodology used and present an overview of the findings. When writing the Abstract, you need to keep the content brief, use
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Study Coach Question – What is the Mind

ANSWER: The mind is otherwise referred to as the psyche and it is the non-material aspect of the human being. Therefore the mind is not tangible, meaning that it is not physical, we cannot see the mind, we cannot touch the mind and since it is not physical we cannot measure the mind. The mind
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