Morel Benard is an educator/writer/narrator/podcaster at Study Coach (MSc Educational Leadership, MA Criminology, LLB Honours (Law), BSc Honours (Psychology), IQA, PGCE). The aim of this page is to promote Study Coach’s Writing Service/Speech Writing/Business Story Writing/Workshop Writing, Presentation Writing. The Writing Service is aimed at people doing business. If you are a business person, an Entrepreneur, and you need support to tell your business story, or you need writing support to draft a talk/speech, then get in touch with Morel at Study Coach. Morel will be delighted to help you with your writing, help you to generate ideas so you can be impressive on stage. Morel writes poetry, poetic ideas about various perspectives on life; Verses/Rhymes to make you smile. You will find below poems and verses written by Morel.

Through Poetry the aim is to raise awareness, help motivate, inspire, educate and entertain readers. You can purchase Morel’s ‘Women’s Empowerment’ book of poems, from this website – the link is below.

Book (short story) Pirate City (Amazon) 2016
The book is an adventure story, based on the true historical Tsunami event of 1692, the sinking of Port Royal City, Caribbean.

“Aunt Nellie went to spend a penny
Poor Aunt Nellie had a rumbling belly”

There was an old man of Kildare
He had a remarkable beard
It was long, it was white
It was fluffy like rice
Old birds in Kildare would stop and stare
He would invite them to nestle in his beard

POEMS – By: Morel Benard

Jubilee Game

It’s a Platinum Jubilee day
For Elizabeth the Queen of UK
Strike up the band and sing
God Bless our gracious Queen
For 70 years she has reigned
Fifty two was the starting date
Let’s celebrate the Queen
For having a Platinum Jubilee
Fix your crown, give a royal wave
Bow or curtesy if you want to play
Open Parliament, grant knighthoods
Give a speech, visit neighbourhoods
Say hip, hip, hip hooray
Hip, hip, hip hooray
It’s a Platinum Jubilee day
For Elizabeth the Queen of UK
Hooray, Hooray, Hooray
(Morel Benard)

Before you close your eyes
And prepare for sleep
Take time to talk and listen
Let them share their dreams
Listen without giving judgement
It will allow them to grow
Times have changed so much
Who knows what the future holds
So offer them reassurance
Don’t dash their dreams
Encourage young minds
To be what they want to be
(Morel Benard)

Will & Chris at the Oscars
(Will the Rock be Shaken)
The stage is set, the two players are here
Will is on the right, but does he have the might
To enter centre stage to defend his family name
Is this a comedy of errors, David and Goliath
Or will the script be edited, suddenly changed
Will the Rock be shaken or remained unmoved
Is this Oscar performance breaking every rule
The audience whisper, let’s send in the clowns
The Oscars will certainly make tomorrow’s news
(Morel Benard)

International Women’s Day

Bella, Isabella, you have paved the way
Women of the world should know your name
You have reaped, ploughed and advocate
Liberated fair women who kept you in chains
You spoke your truth, to set other women free
Your words brought powerful men to their knees
Bella, Isabella, woman with a beautiful mind
An enslaved woman with intellectual might
The power of your words were a mighty sword
Though your civil rights were being ignored
Bella, Ain’t I a Woman, Isabella Baumfree
Sojourner Truth is the name known to you and me
(Morel Benard)

Mr Motivate
It’s filled to capacity and that’s no surprise
Feel the electricity sparking from left to right
He’s roaring, standing at centre stage
The atmosphere is hypnotising, blinding
They are here to listen to Mr Motivate
Fired-up, pumped-up they are on their feet
They can achieve anything, and they believe
Energised and ready to conquer the world
Feeling motivated, inspired by his words
But the euphoria only lasts for a few days
It is followed by deflation, demotivation, dishearten
They wonder why motivation tends to fade away
(Morel Benard) 15. 9. 21

Misty Blue (26. 4. 21)

Down by the lake you’ll find misty blue
She’s got soulful eyes and an attitude
Her papa left when she was five years old
It changed her life that’s what we know
Beware about misty blue, the dazzling beauty
With eyes so blue, because she’ll take your heart
And before you know, you’re drowning in sorrows
Losing you mind, weeping, pleading like a babe
Begging her to let you go, she’ll push you under
Push you under, just thought I should let you know
(Morel Benard)

Poem (18. 9. 20) Beauty

They could see she was special, a beautiful child
But she thought they were lying, trying to be kind
She perceived herself in a most negative way
Dark brown eyes that could never reflect light
Hair that could never be twisted, plait or styled
And to top it all there was that crooked smile
The poor child will need to learn a thing or two
She has been indoctrinated this is the ugly truth
Groomed to hide her crown and negate her smile
She will need to take control to liberate her mind


The answer is all in his mind so unlock the mind
You’ll find that the tower of a man is but a child
He’s torn by his past and locked within a space
Desperately seeking love, so he settled for fame
Deprived as a young child he’s now far from okay
If he looks confused, sometimes perplexed, dazed
he’s simply trying to figure out his mental state
Pity the giant of a man for he’s crumbling inside
Abandonment has raised him, shaped his mind
So, he will cast aspersions, and then feel victimised
Throw tantrums, insults, display a bullying style
To really know the man, we need to know the child

(Morel Benard)


It’s been a heck of a day
Oh, apparently I’m strange
They say I’m beautifully made
But too strong to be a dame
It’s driving them crazy
Frazzling their minds
Its making them uneasy
I can see it in their eyes
My difference is worn with pride
But its threatening their mindset
Causing them dissonance of mind
Poor folks, hope they can sleep tonight

(Morel Benard)

Morel is an ex-actor (stage, film, radio). All poems written by Morel Benard.

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