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Online Help, Telephone Help for students to understand Essay Learning Outcomes, conceptual ideas, Dissertation requirements (Research Methods), how to Critique, simply ‘Buy Coach a Coffee’. Study Coach UK supporting students with the planning phase of assignments. Morel has many years teaching/coaching adult students, Study Coach is based in Bedfordshire, UK.

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Study Coach UK offers online and telephone support/coaching to University and College students all for the price of a coffee. Academic support with writing essays, understanding concepts, understanding research methods is available for the price of a coffee, making learning more affordable for students. University and College students and lifelong learners can submit their enquires via email or by phone.

Providing educational support in this unorthodox way should help students to understand small but important issues that can impact on learning and academic success. This system should also enable students to afford multiple consultations, as and when they require help with assignments. It will enable students to grow in confidence in order to write and submit their assignments, and to submit their work on time. Lifelong learners seeking the service of an educational consultant, will also benefit, as and when they require the service. Buy Coach Coffee at Study Coach gives flexibility and will promote independent thinkers, as students learn, able to receive clarification and understanding in a timely manner and can progress. Make your request by getting in touch with Morel Benard (MSc Educational Leadership, MA Criminology, LLB Honours (Law), BSc Honours Psychology, IQA, PGCE, CRB certificate. Contact Morel on 07944 849271.

Study Coach also supports Home Schooling. Parents doing Homeschooling, Home Education can seek guidance/coaching on teaching and learning.

To find out more about Buy Coach Coffee Tutoring, or just to have a chat about how we might be able to help you in your learning or with a life issue then please email: Morel Benard at

“Thank you so much for all you help, time and support this past year – It’s difficult to put into words really. It’s a bit strange for me as I have never had someone outside of my family make such an impact on my life before, but you have. To be frank, you’ve taught me more than the text book stuff – seriously you’ve given me the vital tools I need to not only succeed, but things I will take on for the rest of time. Thank you for your Realness. Thanks for everything. I wish you all the best and more.”

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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