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In this Study Coach blog I’m putting the spotlight on teaching and learning, and since I like creative pursuits I’m looking at teaching and learning from a creative perspective. In my humble opinion (don’t know why I’m being humble) creativity can set educators apart, meaning that educators who are creative are likely to have more success with students. Hopefully students will appreciate the educator’s creativity. The creative educator can make mathematics fun, bring science to life and make challenging concepts a pleasure to understand. The creative facilitator leading a company workshop/training should also do the same, in order to make the training session informative and entertaining. 

Teaching Resources

Creating handouts/worksheets for lectures are all part of teaching, it is a creative process. I have taken pleasure creating puzzles for adult students, it is a great way to check learning. Word searches, crosswords, helps students to engage with conceptual ideas and to strengthen understanding. Study Coach has recently launched its Word Search puzzle books, and there is much more to come, books are available at Amazon.

Study Coach Word Search Book


Creativity can be applied in all different ways, educators/facilitators should however create within their own comfort zone. Now I’m sure that some voices are saying: ‘no get outside the comfort zone, that is the only way to release creativity and push boundaries’. Well, the voices might be right but since I’m stubborn I will stay in my comfort zone, since it is a wide zone.  

Teaching Psychology

When I reflect on my years teaching adult students I have been known to create songs to impart knowledge, I have made reference to numerous lyrics, because I like music and have a good memory for lyrics. For example, when teaching about defence mechanisms and the mind, All Saints ‘Never Ever’ written by Shaznay Lewis, Jazayeri and Mather, proved very useful:

“Never Ever have I ever felt so low

When you gonna take me out of this black hole

Never Ever have I had to find

I’ve had to dig away to find my own peace of mind…”

I believe that the song was written following a relationship breakdown. Writing a song, creating a piece of art and writing a poem, are some creative ways to start the healing process, bringing repressed emotions into consciousness (this form of psychological defence mechanism is known as sublimation). 


I would also create quizzes, crosswords, games, to test learning, bringing education and entertainment together for adult students. I would often give myself a reminder that fun is not only for school children, adult learners also need to have fun when learning. I’m delighted to say that I’m still occupied with making teaching and learning fun. 

Study Coach Books:

Life is for learning; school days are now part of yesteryears, but the learning continues. Study Coach Word Search books are educational, choose a theme and join me for learning and fun. You will find the books on Amazon, they are designed to be handy, and a travel companion. Here is a link:

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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