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Writing an academic essay or Dissertation can cause students great anxiety particularly when there is no Academic Support available. If studying from home due to closure of University, College, School or you are Home Schooling, Study Coach UK is here to support you. Simply get in touch and book a consultation for online tutoring, you will be able to discuss your learning needs and seek guidance with your Essay, Dissertation, Research Project and other academic assignments. 


Study Coach is able to support students throughout the UK and abroad, all you need is a phone. Over the years we have supported students studying Nursing and Midwifery, Mental Health, Social Work, Social Care, Youth Work, Occupational Therapy, Teaching, Law, Housing, Public Health, Criminology, Sociology, Leadership & Management


Morel Benard is the leader of Study Coach, she is a qualified and experienced educator, with teaching experience at Higher Education, Further Education and Secondary Education. Morel’s credentials are as follows: MSc Educational Leadership; MA Criminology; LLB Honours (Law); BSc Honours (Psychology); PGCE (teaching qualification); Internal Quality Assurer (IQA Education); D32/33. Evidence of credentials can be made available on request. 

Morel has many years experience teaching courses at Further Education: Access to Nursing and Midwifery; Access to Social Work; Access to Law; Access to Humanities; GCSE/A Level Psychology (AQA Board); LLB Honours Law degree and MA Law degree programmes. You are in good hands with Study Coach, pick up the phone and make an enquiry (free of charge). If you’re at school ask you parents/carers to make the initial enquiry with Morel – our phone number is 07944 849271. In case you would like to know where we are located, we are in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK. All Academic Support Educational consultations offered at Study Coach are Online and we are happy to do FaceTime, should you need to put a face to the voice. 


When writing academic assignments, you should always ensure that you are guided by the Learning Outcomes, if the Outcomes are not satisfied then you won’t succeed. I’m sure that you aim to achieve the highest mark possible, hence the reason to keep focused on Learning Outcomes. Interpreting the Learning Outcomes correctly is a skill and Study Coach is aware that for some learners it is a challenge to decide which conceptual ideas are the most relevant for an assignment. 

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Students might also require guidance from a teacher in order to understand theoretical ideas, some concepts can be difficult to grasp, research findings can be confusing and research methodology can pose a challenge to even the brightest of learners. A Consultation with Study Coach will help learners to solve these problems and ultimately help learners to raise their learning curve and achieve high marks for assignments. Our Consultations with help learners to grow in confidence and inspire and motivate learners to engage with leaning. We provide Online Pastoral Support to help you manage Stress and Personal issues. 


Firstly, contact Study Coach for an initial chat to make sure that we are able to help you with your assignment. Secondly, submit your draft assignment or submit a written Plan for the assignment or give an Outline of the learning issues you need support with; this will allow you to get the best value from the consultation, since Study Coach will have prior knowledge of the issues you are facing. 


Payment for our service is made easy via PayPal or through Direct Banking, all forms are on our secure website. Study Coach provides great value and an affordable service £15.00. 

CONTACT: If you have a question about Essay Writing, do get in touch with Study Coach UK. Email: Morel Benard 


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