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Education through podcast and stories with accompanied learning tasks are freely available and waiting for you to download. The stories will help parents with homeschooling and with general home education, the stories will furthermore keep children entertained after school hours. Study Coach podcast presents the stories in English language, this might be useful for ESOL learners (children and adults). Study Coach UK also presents audio stories for adults, you will find the stories on our YouTube channel. 

Study Coach Podcast/Study Coach UK YouTube channel

The world of podcasting and audio is a great way to educate children and adults. Study Coach education story podcast sets out to educate children, to support parents with homeschooling and with extending general education outside of formal classroom settings. The audio world of YouTube presents opportunities to help educate adults through stories. See Study Coach UK YouTube channel page for audio stories, the aim is to help adults with learning English, speaking and listening skills. 

Homeschooling & pdf Teaching Skills Workbook

Study Coach UK has created a Teaching Skills pdf Workbook to help parents improve teaching and learning skills. Homeschooling will require parents to construct an appropriate curriculum to facilitate children’s learning needs. It is a good idea to use some of the summer months to start considering what you would like your children to learn during homeschooling. It is also a good idea to do some forward thinking and planning in view of any potential local, national or global crisis, that might impact on homeschooling. If you are considering employing a tutor to assist with homeschooling then use the summer months to find suitable candidates. 

Study Coach & Home Education

Education begins at home and it continues at home, even after we have left full-time public education. A trip to the shopping mall at the weekend or going on vacation can present opportunities for home education. The point being made is that home education puts parents in charge. Home education presents a great opportunity for parents to structure a curriculum bespoke to children’s learning needs. Home education can be tailored to facilitate children into their chosen career and to help raise awareness about potential careers. Study Coach’s Teaching Steps pdf mentioned above will help parents to confidently structure a suitable curriculum and plan for the promotion of career awareness.

Audio Stories in English Language 

Study Coach stories are narrated in English language, listening to the stories could help young people to extend their English language speaking skills, particularly if children are new to the UK. Adults learning English will also benefit from listening and understanding the stories. After school clubs, summer clubs, youth clubs, can make use of the stories from Study Coach podcast. The audio stories for children are great ways to keep young ones entertained, and to engage with learning tasks. Study Coach podcast is totally FREE to download.     

Education Podcast: Stories for Kids

Select a story for your young ones to listen to, after listening you can then discuss the story and select a Study Coach learning age appropriate task for the child to complete, or create your own learning tasks. There are a number of stories uploaded in the archive, you can search for an age appropriate story to suit learning needs.

Short Stories Podcast

A new Study Coach podcast story is made available free of charge each week; stories are narrated by Morel Benard. You will find the story of Three Bears, Book of Beasts, the Armadillos, First Letter and other stories. The stories are a great way to facilitate children’s education and to entertain children during term time, after school, when homeschooling and during holidays. If you need higher level stories with extended learning tasks, do get in touch to let Study Coach know your needs. Please Subscribe to the Study Coach Podcast.  

Education Podcast

Education is central to a child’s life, it is also important for adults to learn, I believe that the saying is ‘learn to earn’. For parent(s) undertaking Homeschooling it can be taxing, so Study Coach is here to help where possible, by offering Homeschooling education ideas. The Study Coach pdf Homeschooling Teaching Skills workbook offers parents valuable teaching skills. The pdf workbook provides knowledge about lesson aims, objectives, scheme of work, lesson plans, resources and more, to support parents with homeschooling. Please take a look at the Study Coach ‘Home Schooling’ landing page for more details.  There is a small cost for the pdf workbook.  

Listening & Learning with Education Podcast 

The world of audio is great because it clearly requires the use of listening skills, and furthermore when audio is used for education it will require active listening skills. All children and adults should use good listening skills, it is certainly important for team work and building relationships at work and socially. It is appreciated that children with learning needs might find it challenging to concentrate for long periods, when listening, in such cases simply stop the podcast and resume when the child is ready. You can also re-listen to the show to aid understanding. Study Coach podcast stories are short, but there are some of 35 minutes duration. Please feel free to share the resource (podcast) with other parents, whether they are in your locality or abroad. The stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion, and to enable children to become creative, plus enhancing listening and learning skills. If you are facing challenges teaching your kids, reach out to homeschooling at Study Coach, we are available online and based in the UK, we are in fact just a click away from your particular neighbourhood. 

Apple Podcast, Buzzsprout

Parents simply need to access Study Coach podcast via Spotify,  Apple, Buzzsprout or through their preferred podcast platform. You can download stories for your kids when travelling short or long journeys. If you are working on the farm or elsewhere and have the kids with you then download a story and allow the kids to learn while you work. I believe that Buzzsprout also upload to Google, so please check this if Google is your preferred podcast platform. 

Stories for the Children with Morel

Morel Benard is an educator, a poet, an ex-actor, she takes pleasure in narrating stories for children and for adults too. Stories for adults are via YouTube. Morel is at the helm of Study Coach and Study Coach podcast.  Study Coach is based in Bedfordshire UK. The Podcast Stories are narrated by Morel to educate and help entertain kids and youths in our world. Please Subscribe to Study Coach Podcast. 

Stories for Adults with Morel

You will find stories for adults on Study Coach UK YouTube channel. Please Subscribe to the channel (subscription is Free). More stories will be uploaded in the weeks and months ahead. The latest story is ‘Love John’, more episodes of ‘Love John’ will follow, and in due course a new story will start. Link to Study Coach UK, YouTube channel:

Study Coach Podcast is FREE:

There is no cost to download Study Coach podcast, it is FREE.  Join Study Coach podcast community by subscribing. Subscription is Free (no money involved). Subscription is a way of communicating to Study Coach that the service is of some value. Please Subscribe and if you can offer a good Review that would be appreciated. 

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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