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Study Coach education Podcast makes use of storytelling to discuss the topic and issues surrounding prejudice and discrimination. Education through podcasting storytelling is freely available and waiting for you to download. In the Study Coach Podcast archive you will find audio on the life of Ignatius Sancho, born 1729 in Africa. He was enslaved as a baby and brought to the UK, London, Greenwich to continue life in slavery at the tender age of 2. Ignatius Sancho was denied a school education, since he was a slave, the fact that he learned to read and write eloquent letters is a marvellous achievement. Sancho’s educational life and social life living in London during the eighteenth century is of great interest. Sancho raised a family, his wife came from Jamaica, this gives evidence of black presence and slavery in operation in eighteenth century England. A point being made is that black presence in England did not suddenly start with the arrival of the ‘Windrush’ ship as some people are led to believe.  In writing this blog the most recent podcast shows centres on the life of Anne Frank, a young Jew girl, Anne and her family lived under Nazi German rule. 

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Definition of Prejudice

In case you are wondering what prejudice is according to social psychology, here is a definition: A prejudice is an extreme stereotype. Prejudice is an extreme attitude comprising three components common to all attitudes: cognitive (stereotypes) affective (negative feelings/emotions) and behavioural (discrimination).  

Anne Frank Diary

Anne Frank’s Diary tells us about how the Frank’s family had to go into hiding, living in the attic with closed curtains during the day and taking care not to have raised voices during the day and other daily restrictions. The Frank’s family received help from Ordinary people in order to go into hiding. It is noted that this year of International Holocaust Remembrance Day the theme is ‘Ordinary People’. Do listen to Study Coach Podcast to learn something about Anne’s time in hiding, listeners will find past episodes of the podcast in the archives. It is free to upload Study Coach Podcast and you can do so when it is convenient for you. 

Holocaust Remembrance Day

This year Holocaust Remembrance Day is on the 27 January, this year’s theme is Ordinary People.  The explanation for the theme is that Genocide is facilitated by ordinary people, we might believe that only monsters would create Genocide, the theme is suggesting that this is not so, the ordinary human being is capable of Genocide. Ordinary people will choose to look the other way while atrocities takes place (out of sight out of mind). Holocaust Remembrance Day is International, meaning that we also need to be reminded that genocide has taken place in more recent times, such as in the case of Tutsi. Study Coach Podcast focus is on Anne Frank’s Diary and the Genocide of Jewish community in Nazi Germany. 

Ordinary People: International Holocaust Remembrance Day 

The theme of Ordinary People highlights the fact that Ordinary people were involved in all aspects of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Ordinary people were perpetrators, rescuers, victims. Anne Frank was killed before she reached the age of 16, many other children, babies were killed. The theme Ordinary people brings to our attention that Ordinary people did have choices, though sometimes these choices might have been limited. 

Study Coach Podcast Storytelling

Life stories and factual accounts on the topic surrounding prejudice and discrimination can also help parents with homeschooling and with general home education. Prejudice and Discrimination is a sensitive topic and often the topic is not discussed, perhaps sectors of society hope that through silence the topic will die, unfortunately there is no evidence at present to suggest that silence will lead to the demise of prejudice and discrimination.   

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Study Coach education Podcast is available on most major podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcast, Buzzsprout, Google, Spotify and others. You can access Study Coach Podcast through your preferred podcasting service. You can download the podcast and listen when travelling short or long journeys. If you have children and want to discuss the topic of prejudice and discrimination with your kids, Study Coach shows presents resources to help you facilitate a discussion. 

Learning with Education Podcast 

Study Coach podcast shows are usually between 20 – 30 minutes duration. Please feel free to share the resource (podcast) with others, whether they are in your locality or abroad. The stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion on issues surrounding prejudice and discrimination, and hopefully help human beings to move closer towards appreciating each other’s differences.

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