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Study Coach Podcast is teaching via storytelling, bitesize lessons on issues surrounding psychology are delivered each week, at present the focus is on Stress. The saying goes that: ‘life is a stressor’ (meaning that everything is a potential stressor). Some potential stressors such as unemployment, ill-health, death of a spouse or death of a child, are well known to cause distress, but other potential stressors such as news of a change taking place might not be fully understood. Here is an attempt to explain how news of a change in the workplace could impact on lives. Perception and Individual Differences are important when discussing Stress, so do bear these concepts in mind when reading my script.

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STUDY COACH story: A Change is Gonna Come 

“Have you heard the latest news? 

“What is it? I guess at some point you’re going to tell me”

“Yes sure, big changes will be taking place, heads are going to roll”

“This is not funny!”

“I never said it was funny. I only said that heads are going to roll, sorry if you don’t like my choice of language, but I can see the heads bumping, thudding, rolling down the stairs, out into the road”

“One of them might be yours Eric. You need to take care how you talk to people about what’s going on, because I definitely know that such news will make one person down the corridor very stressed. It could actually trigger depression”.

“Don’t be so dramatic, how can Stress cause depression?” 

“You should take a seat. Go on, take a seat. First of all, everybody is not the same, some people won’t bat an eyelid, they will embrace the change, some people will get upset, have too many pints or too many glasses of wine, but in a few days they will start to apply for a new job. Now, some people, like our friend down the corridor will convince himself that he won’t find a new job, he will feel helpless, all part of his personality, his individual difference, it is how he perceives change”. 

“I’m sure everyone will find a new job, if the company let them go”. 

“I like your optimism Eric, but I beg to differ. You should also consider that some people might be ten years away from retirement, from their perspective, they are likely to perceive that they will have fewer opportunities to find new work. Working in sales is known to be a young person’s work, those facing retirement could also become stressed and this could lead to depression, so take care how you give the news”. 

“Oh Lord, I never thought about that”.

“Let’s talk again some other time – Bye”. 

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