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Educational Podcast, provides kids with entertainment and education. Stories for Kids with Morel is an Educational Podcast, the focus is on Animal Stories for Kids. Long stories, short stories, fairy stories too, moral stories are all waiting just for you. Stories for Kids with Morel podcast can be incorporated into home education programmes, include stories in your Homeschooling curriculum, if you are formally teaching children at home.

Podcast: Stories for Kids with Morel 

The podcast Stories for Kids with Morel is easily accessible on streaming services. The stories narrated by Morel Benard are usually of about 15/20 minutes duration, the short stories should help to keep children engaged.  Here is a Buzzsprout link to the podcast:

Storytelling Podcast

Story time at school is usually a favourite time for most children, as they sit and learn and be entertained. The same results can be achieved at home, simply access your favourite streaming service and locate ‘Stories for Kids with Morel’ podcast, and start listening. If children are attending school then they can also listen to the stories when they return from school. 

How Stories can Help Learning

Moral stories is a category of stories, and as we know children start to learn about morals at an early age. Learning about ‘fairness’ and being ‘unfair’, learning about what is right and what is wrong, can be learnt via listening to and understanding stories. The story about little Fifine and her Cat is a moral story about behaviour, you will find it in Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast previous episode. 

Storytelling Podcast  

There is a wealth of literature to feast upon for storytelling and Morel (the voice/storyteller) is making the most of available literature, to entertain children via podcast. Morel also writes poetry and so poetic material will be incorporated in selected podcasts. Rhymes can help to spice up life and to provide education on a number of topics, such as financial literacy. 

Education via Storytelling

Podcast is a great way to educate children, and to help children to improve their concentration span and listening skills. The art of listening is different to hearing, and so parents and carers can apply learning tasks to monitor children’s listening skills. Learning tasks could be designed to help children write a summary of the story, or to facilitate a discussion based on the story. 

Stories and Homeschooling 

If planning to do Home Education/Homeschooling, then do make use of Stories for Kids with Morel podcast. Stories can help to spark a child’s imagination and provide ideas for learning tasks. For example parents and carers with responsibility for Homeschooling could plan for children to design a poster, or design the front cover for a book, based upon the story. Children could also develop their own creative writing skills. 

Learn English via Stories 

The audio world of podcasting presents opportunities to help educate young people through stories. The use of storytelling is also designed to help children with English literacy skills, listeners can improve their overall English Language skills through listening to the podcast. 

Storytelling and English as a Second Language

Stories for Kids with Morel, isn’t just for little kids, the podcast offers learning for big kids. When learning a new language, adults must adopt the stage of a child to embrace the new learning. English Language is not always easy to learn, storytelling can help adults to extend their present vocabulary,  and improve articulation and listening skills. Stories for Kids with Morel podcast, is therefore a great learning platform for adults with English as a Second Language. The podcast could prove useful for the whole family.

The Voice: Storyteller Morel Benard 

Morel Benard is the voice at Stories for Kids with Morel, hence the title of the podcast. Morel is a qualified and experienced educator and she has stage, film, and radio experience. 

Share Storytelling  

Please feel free to share Stories for Kids with Morel podcast, and please Subscribe (it is Free to Subscribe). Please share with people in your locality and people living abroad. Here is a reminder of the link to Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast:

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