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Study Coach’s Educational Supply Online Store is packed with notebooks, journals, school bags, stickers, t-shirts, pencil cases, phone cases and many more products. The products are available at RedBubble marketplace, you will find our online shop at Products are designed to promote learning, to motivate and inspire learners (youths and adults). You will find our products ideal for Birthday gifts, to celebrate achievements or just to give to encourage learning. Study Coach’s Stickers are designed to help with HomeSchooling, a great resource to motivate learners to work hard. Phone cases, notebooks, bags, t-shirts and lots more products are available to help learners on their learning journey, to help learners celebrate achievements and to help families with Home Schooling. We cater for all aspects of learning including Adult Trainees, re-skilling or up-skilling to find new employment and we support Home Schooling by providing free teaching and learning resource to help parents, carers and families to facilitate learning at home.

Youth T-Shirts at Amazon

We have a marketplace at Amazon, for our Youth Trainee T-Shirts. You will find information on Study Coach Youth Trainee Doctor T-Shirt,  Entrepreneur T-Shirt and other Trainee careers at the foot of this page.  

Writing Essay – Notebook     

Our HomeSchooling Notebook will help students to separate school notes from learning carried out at home. It helps to formalise learning at home and will further help Moms and Dads, to monitor the standard of writing carried out at home and to provide learners with feedback. 

Assessing learning is all part of the teaching and learning role, I know that lockdown has thrust this role on parents, but as they say learning begins at home. Study Coach is here to support parents with managing learning and will continue to do so after lockdown. Good planning is important in the learning process, so you will also find our Journal useful. 

Educational Gifts 

Whether Birthday, or just for the pleasure of giving  –  Please take a look at Study Coach’s Educational Products by visiting our shop at RedBubble, you’ll find the site here: 

Educational Stickers and Home Schooling

Rewarding students (children or adults) with praise is an important part of teaching and learning. Psychological learning theories talks about the importance of reinforcing learning, Moms and Dads and family members involved with HomeSchooling will be able to award children with stickers to encourage learning. We hope that learning facilitators will find the stickers  useful and hope that the stickers will help to make learning fun. We will expand the range of stickers in due time, at present you will find: Very Good, Distinction, Brilliant Artist. If you have a budding Artist in the family, encourage them by awarding them some Brilliant Artist products. Praise will encourage learners to work harder and improve their chances of realising their potential. For excellent work with doing Writing, then award the learner with a Writing product. 

ABCDE NHS Nursing Care

Nursing students will need to know the ABCDE of nursing care. To help NHS nursing students with their learning, Study Coach offers a ABCDE notebook, travel mug, phone cases, bags and other ABCDE products, the aim is to help students put learning to memory. A nursing degree can be stressful with lots of acronyms to remember, Study Coach is here to support students with their nursing degree studies. Our Essay and Dissertation Online service is available to nursing students, the aim is to teach, mentor and support students to raise the standard of academic assignments. Students must draft their work (we are not an essay mill) but we are experienced and qualified to help students achieve excellent essays. 

Pouches, Phone Cases at Study Coach Shop at RedBubble

The Study Coach Shop is filled with lots of educational products and many more will be on their way. Please take a look and would love to get some feedback from you.

T-Shirts for Boys, Girls & Adults 

If you used to work in aviation, retail, hospitality or looking for a gift for someone, then take a look at our t-shirts. We can reflect on the past and cherish our memories as we train for a new role. Study Coach support adult learners and so we send best wishes to everyone who is in education up-skilling or re-training. T-Shirts such as ‘Purrfect Student’ and ‘HomeSchooling’ is also available. Please scroll through the pages at 

Amazon Youth Trainee T-Shirts – brand: Study Coach 

Our Study Coach Trainee T-Shirts for Youths are available at Amazon, you can find them by going to and typing: youth+t-shirt+study coach The following link will also take you to the t-shirts, please note that the Study Coach shirts all start with the word ‘Trainee’ for example: Trainee Doctor, Trainee Hairdresser, Trainer Teacher, Trainee Entrepreneur and many others. The Brand is: Study Coach – here is the link:

If you’re in the USA, the following link should take you to the Trainee Doctor t-shirt:

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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