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English language has great influence in our world, learning English as a Second Language could therefore have a great impact on lives. Storytelling also has great influence in our world and Storytelling can be instrumental in helping people to learn English. Study Coach UK is in the business of storytelling and education, supporting learners with academic and general education. English as a Second Language learners will find a range of stories at Study Coach UK on YouTube; the stories are available day and night, waiting for learners to enjoy.

Storytelling & ESL (English Second Language)

How will Stories help ESL learners? 

  1. Through listening to stories, learners will be able to add to their present vocabulary. Study Coach suggest that when listening to the stories it is a good idea to have a pen/pencil and paper at hand, in order to jot down unfamiliar words.  
  2. Listening to Stories could help the ESL learner with improving their articulation skills. Listen to the story and re-listen or pause the video and try to say the word(s) pronounced. 
  3. Storytelling will help learners with listening skills, after listening to parts of the story learners can test themselves to see if they can remember what was said. Learners can re-listen to the relevant section of the video to check the accuracy of their understanding. 
  4. Videos for ESL learners will usually have questions at the end of the episode, ESL learners are encouraged to answer the questions based on the story episode. 

Link to Study Coach UK on YouTube 

 The Study Coach UK YouTube channel page: https://youtube.com/@studycoachuk

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People across the world (young and mature) and people from all walks of life are trying to learn English, with this in mind please share Study Coach UK with others, they say that sharing is caring, so let’s do some caring. There are numbers of reason why people choose to learn English, some people are preparing for IELTS. 

IELTS – English Language Test  

To help prepare for the IELTS (English Language Test) you could listen to the videos and take notes in respect of vocabulary and add the new words during social interactions, furthermore you could pay attention to articulation skills. Listening to audiobooks is but one way to help prepare for IELTS or TOEFL, you could also listen to British and American radio stations, and podcasts to become more engaged with English language. Narrator/Storyteller Morel Benard also has a Study Coach podcast. The Study Coach podcast is available on most major podcast platforms, including Apple and Google.  

ESL for Employment, Business, Work & Networking 

Technology has certainly presented more opportunities to gain access to English classes.  Young and mature learners live in an age of light and knowledge, in which technological applications are relatively accessible via internet. English as a Second Language seminars, courses, chat rooms, makes it easy for people to learn English and to apply for employment in English speaking countries. A competent level of English could allow someone to secure employment with a British or American company, and for that individual to work from their home country utilising the internet. The age of the internet and learning English language skills has given greater independence for people to work remotely and to network internationally.  

English as a Second Language and Storytelling

Learning English is useful for the purposes of education, entertainment, employment or conducting international business, and there are different models of English language education. If you can afford to undertake a course of English language studies, then it is advisable to do so, learners can view Study Coach’s storytelling videos to enhance their learning. If you are already based in an English speaking country because you are a recent immigrant and ESL classes are offered then take advantage of the situation and interact with others. In ESL classes students may speak many different native languages, and this can hinder progress, so once again look for opportunities to listen to English native speakers. Study Coach UK storytelling videos on Youtube are accessible whenever you are ready, day and night.  

AudioBooks Online, Study Coach UK on Youtube

There is no subscription fee to enjoy the stories at Study Coach UK on Youtube, everything is Free, all you need is an internet connection, and you will have access to the books. If you find understanding the stories to be challenging or you encounter other difficulties, remember that you can pause the stories and re-listen, working at your own pace. If you have older family members who wish to learn English, then do share Study Coach UK, and discuss the stories with family members. They say that sharing is caring, so please share the videos with others and promote storytelling. 

The Voice: Storyteller Morel Benard on Youtube

Morel Benard is the Voice at Study Coach, Morel is grateful for the legacy of available stories waiting for narration. We all love a story, whether studying to improve English language or whether we are native speakers. 

Stories are available and waiting for you to watch and download from Study Coach UK channel on Youtube. The service is Free, you will find a range of  videos waiting for you. Free Books Online is available whenever you are ready. Viewers/Listeners will find a range of stories to choose from, such as stories about romance, science-fiction, real life stories, detective stories and more. New stories are added on a continuous basis. 

Share Storytelling AudioBooks  

Please feel free to share Study Coach’s videos with others, whether they are in your locality or abroad. The stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion, and to enable people to become creative, plus enhancing listening and learning skills and providing entertainment. 

Link to Study Coach UK on YouTube 

The Study Coach UK YouTube channel page: https://youtube.com/@studycoachuk

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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