English language audio recordings to support people with learning English as a second language. Similar to BBC Sounds, the English Speaking audio from Study Coach UK will help learners with overall Verbal communication skills, English pronunciation and other issues surrounding learning English. You can get access to the audio files wherever you are in the world.  

Life is for learning and English is spoken in the many parts of the world, so it is good to engage with spoken English, to aid us in work and in social interactions. Learning English could potentially increase your business sales and lead to other opportunities abroad. Study Coach UK English language audio files can help you with your learning. 

Audio Files 

We are spending more time than in previous years on social platforms and it is predicted that we will be spending even more time understanding social media and communicating via social platforms in future years. Study Coach’s English language audio files are accessible via our website, put in an order and receive your audio file via your mail box. You can also access mini lectures on Interpersonal Skills. 

Verbal Communication Skills

Spoken communication is also referred to as Verbal communication, the words we utter. Where there is a Sender (the person sending the message) and there is the Listener or listeners. It is not good to have multiple senders all talking at the same time. The skills of spoken communication consists of different elements, and language may be formal or informal or colloquial language. It is advisable when learning English to use formal language, before moving on to informal language, it is advisable to limit the use of colloquial language to  informal settings. Learning informal language and being aware of slang is important, since not all native English speakers living in the UK will use formal language, particularly when in an informal setting. In formal settings there is an expectation that we will adopt formal language, failure to adopt formal language could lead to negative consequences. For example, we might not get the job or we might get excluded from certain social circles. Note: that the interviewer is unlikely to tell you the real reason why you didn’t get the job (they don’t want to be accused of snobbery). 

Interpersonal Skills

A theorist by the name of Richard Nelson-Jones, says that our vocal messages can speak volumes. Volume is all about loudness or softness. When preparing to do a presentation we need to make sure that people can hear us. If you identify that you have a loud voice try to lower your voice so that listeners don’t feel overwhelmed. If you have a quiet voice then listeners may feel that you are lacking in confidence, you might come across as being timid.  If doing Public Speaking in English and you know that people in the audience have auditory impairments then you should consider your audience and make sure that you use appropriate volume, but don’t force your voice. 

Rate of Speech

When learning English language don’t fall in the trap of speaking too quickly. If speaking very quickly, our listeners may perceive us to be suffering from anxiety and furthermore our listeners might have difficulties understanding what we are trying to say. Having said this, do take care not to talk slow, it can be interpreted as boring.  

Audio Recordings English language 

In order for people to have effective communication there cannot be more than one speaker at any one time. Now, I know that this might be difficult, particularly if it is a cultural norm for your friends and family to all talk at the same time, but in English culture it is preferable for one person to talk at a time. If we are not aware of the measuring yardstick which British society uses to judge us, then we might be further disadvantaged. As your audio narrator, private tutor and critical friend, Study Coach is here to help you. Learn to improve your English reading skills, English pronunciation skills via Study Coach English language audio recordings. 

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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