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Essay Planning

When preparing to plan an essay it is crucial to read through the University guidelines and ensure that if instructed to make use of a specific framework that you do so. For example: if instructed to critique a qualitative article on active listening when delivering client centred care and directed to use Moorley’s framework on how to appraise qualitative research, you must carry out the instruction. You will fail the assignment should you choose to use an alternative qualitative framework, if instructions are mandatory they must be carried out. 

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Essay Writing – Introduction 

The essay introduction should set the scene and briefly inform readers of what they will find in the essay and the structure/order. In view of a nursing assignment it is advisable to say why the topic of client centred care is important in nursing and if carrying out a critique of a research article, it is useful to say something about the importance of research in nursing, briefly explain evidence based practice and give a brief definition of the term ‘qualitative’. You will then be able to consider the body of the essay. 

Client-Centred Care 

Quality care is recommended in nursing and this is usually linked to the provision of client centred care, the concept of client centred is a Humanistic psychology term. Nurses are in the service of caring for patients and this involves providing therapeutic care. The nurse is not trying to become a counsellor or psychologist but if we accept that health is both physical and mental, we should be able to recognise that it is important for nurses to develop good listening skills in order to care for patients. The onset of illness can bring about many different forms of psychological issues, life events can leave people feeling vulnerable, leading to self-doubt and raising questions about transitioning into old age (depending on the patient’s biological age). An event which is threatening at any age, for example a life threatening illness is likely to impact on attitudes, values, habits of behaviour, as a person comes face to face with what might be an early death. If you can relate to these issues in view of an essay then it is worthwhile to consider Life Stages and Social Crisis in your assignment. 

Life Stages and Social Crisis 

According to the psychologist Erickson, there are 8 life stages and each life stage brings a crisis, in other words a life stage can result in a turning point, which needs to be resolved for the individual to move on. If the crisis is not resolved, the suggestion is that it can lead to personality difficulties for the individual. A critical turning point can start early in life, during infancy, for example a baby learn that through crying it will result in receiving comfort and receiving food, from this trust is built and the baby can move on to developing autonomy as a toddler. Young children will learn to control their impulses as they develop and we do know that if a child is ridiculed or discouraged, the child will have difficulties moving successfully onto the next developmental stage.  

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Life Events/Stress 

Some life events can cause signifiant changes for people, for example physical or hormonal changes that happens in adolescence, the start of a job or retirement from work. Good planning can help to reduce negative impact and create an easy transition but without planning it could result in anxiety and stress, emotional difficulties and physical illness. 

Counsellors need to use a full range of listening skills, responding skills, to help people make the required adjustments. Nurses/Midwives caring for a pregnant teenager or indeed caring for a very mature pregnant woman will need to offer therapeutic care to enable the mother-to-be with transitioning to make adaptations.  

Anticipated transition: meaning if the patient has deliberated/plan to make the transition, such as changing job because of ill-health.

Unanticipated transition: meaning if someone is unable to return to employment because of recently receiving a diagnosis of a life threatening illness. 

If the situation is anticipated or unanticipated the nurse will need to establish rapport and show compassion in the caring relationship. If students are working on the topic of transitioning and loss/separation, Study Coach would advise that during the research stage for the essay, students should research and reflect on the importance of getting patients to write things down and understand the impact of loss. 

Nurses should encourage the patient to talk through the situation. Loss is not just about death of a loved one (leaving a job, thereby losing the friendship of work colleagues is loss). We feel a sense of loss because we are attached to something or someone and the loss causes sadness and a sense of something missing. Loss can cause emotional upheaval  and if there is a strong attachment the sense of loss is stronger. It is said that the way we deal with loss or separation in life is modelled on how we experience separation from our mother.  

Listening Skills  

In delivering client-centred care nurses should use attending and listening skills, the person might need to talk over and over again about their feelings and how their health diagnosis will impact on their daily life. Often grieving patients might feel that thy cannot bother busy nurses and try to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Showing awareness of these issues when writing an essay will help to show markers that as a student you appreciate the importance of effective communication skills. The nurse applying counselling skills can listen and respond, reflect and paraphrase and stay with the grief/loss/anxiety, without distracting the griever from what is clearly the most important issue on his her mind. It is important for nurses to be accepting of any strange behaviour at this time, some patients may need to avoid interacting with fellow patients on the ward or choose to only interact with some staff. It is important to acknowledge and accept the grieving feeling demonstrated and that the nurse as listener is not tempted to talk about his her own losses (unless asked and if so only do so briefly). It is also important when using counselling skills that the nurse does not attempt to give the patient advice.  

Self-Concept/Self Awareness 

How we behave, think and feel results from the interplay of two factor; the world outside ourselves (our social surroundings) and the world inside ourselves (our sense of self). It is healthy for everyone to know themselves, discovering themselves and begin to raise self awareness. 

Marginalised groups in society such as people with disabilities and older people, receive more negative experiences which may make them have a lower self esteem. It is particularly difficult for people in some groups to achieve and maintain a positive view of themselves.

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