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Study Coach online academic support is here to support new students and continuing students. A new academic year will soon begin, if you are heading for University it is recommended that you do as much preparation as possible. If you are taking a gap year, then enjoy the learning as you travel the world, or take up employment. 

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Study Coach academic service will support you to understand your University academic requirements, we will aid you to understand theoretical ideas and support you to raise essay grades. If you are returning to University to start your final year, then Study Coach is here online to help you with issues surrounding research methodology and understanding the requirements for a Research Proposal. Here at Study Coach we like to uphold academic integrity, in view of this please note that we are not an essay mill. Students will need to draft their own assignments, we are acting as a qualified an experienced tutor, here to teach you, provide guidance, give feedback online, in order to help you achieve the desired grades. You can also receive support via phone, if you choose to engage with Study Coach (we don’t bite, we offer tough love, but only because we care to see you succeed).  We do encourage you to talk to us, to help you get clarification about your learning. 

Help with Essay Writing/Dissertation 

As previously stated Study Coach is not an essay mill, we provide feedback on your draft essay, we guide you to improve assignments, raise essay grades. Purchasing essays/dissertation to submit to your University as your own is plagiarism, unethical conduct. Study Coach would like you to understand what you have written, we need you to possess the knowledge required for your future professional practice. To understand research evidence so you can apply in practice can safe lives, particularly if you are training to become a nurse or working in other areas of healthcare.  Knowledge acquired via a degree can make a difference between success in business or failure in business,  hence we need to engage and be committed to learning. 

Essay/Dissertation Writing

Students should learn to work smart and hard, we believe that all students can achieve if they have an understanding of what they need to do. For example, when thinking about a Dissertation, students will need to adopt a Search Strategy in order to select relevant literature for critique. Identifying key terms for searching and becoming familiar with relevant search engines, journals, respective University library systems and other search resources are important.  Developing skim reading skills and becoming aware of how abstracts can help to inform planning are all important points to take on board on a learning journey.  Finding appropriate literature that will inform the Essay or Dissertation, what is referred to as evidence is important. The concept of Evidence Based Practice is highlighting that research is not simply conducted for research sake but that research should be applied in practice, helping to change lives and proving its usefulness. 

Discursive Writing 

To improve essay grades. Critical analytical thinking skills are required and Study Coach is here to mentor students with their academic development. From our experience some students also struggle to distinguish between descriptive writing and discursive essay writing, we work on a one-to-one Online basis and will help students to understand the art of raising a discussion. In order to produce a discursive essay and show off understanding of the issues. Students need to apply knowledge as opposed to simply reiterating what is found in textbooks or in research articles.  Critically engaging with literature will produce discursive analysis as opposed to simply describing research findings.  

Stress & Academic Writing 

Writing essays and Dissertation for a University Nursing degree can be stressful. Education as they say can be challenging for both young and mature students particularly if students don’t have access to a personal tutor. Morel Benard at Study Coach is qualified to teach and therefore understand essay guidelines, assessment criteria, academic subjects, theories, concepts and we understand that students with English as a second language might find certain aspects of academic work to be challenging.  If you are studying the subject of Stress, you will also find that Morel has a wealth of theoretical knowledge, having taught the subject for many years. 

Social Work Essays

Study Coach essay support service is inclusive to all students, though our academic specialism centres around Social Science and Humanities subjects including Law. We have years of experience supporting Social Work students, so if you have a Social Work essay or dissertation requiring legal evidence, do get in touch. We consider our service to be a best essay writing support service.

Essay tips

Pay close attention to Harvard style referencing, students should quickly make it their duty to become acquainted with the definition of Harvard style referencing. Poor referencing is likely to lead to a poor mark.  You don’t want to receive the following feedback: missing sources, inappropriate sources, inaccurate sources, superficial use of sources, incomplete sources.  If you’re not familiar with the term sources it refers to the evidence you have chosen to rely on to support your academic arguments for the essay. 

Example, if studying Psychology and your course curriculum is based on Freud’s theoretical ideas, it is therefore expected that Freud’s ideas should feature in your essay. To dismiss his research and focus on other theorists work would not be a good idea, particularly if the essay title given by the University states that Freud’s psychodynamic approach should be discussed.

The Learning Outcomes for the essay are designed to test that you understand the ideas delivered through the lectures, seminars and other modes of teaching. You therefore need to evidence your essay with the suggested theoretical ideas and furthermore you need to ensure that you are not simply being descriptive; meaning that this should not be a copy and paste exercise of the theory and various concepts. 

Study Coach Podcast 

Study Coach does have a podcast and the focus is to help educate younger learners via stories. A new story or continuation of a story is uploaded each week to the podcast. The download is completely Free for listeners. Parents Homeschooling are likely to find Study Coach podcast of value to homeschooling; it is a great resource to aid learning and a means of entertaining learners. Study Coach podcast is available on Apple, Buzzsprout, Spotify and most other podcast platforms. Study Coach podcast is educational and entertaining, making use of stories, lyrics, poetry to keep young people engaged. 

Stories for Children via Study Coach Podcast: 

Study Coach podcast Stories for Children are presented with learning tasks for young people to complete. You can select stories from the archives, such as: Elephant’s Child, the Armadillos, First Letter, How the Whale got his Throat and many other stories. Study Coach podcasts aims to help children to broaden their vocabulary, raise creative thinking skills and to entertain children as well as supporting children through learning tasks. 

Study Coach Education Podcast:

Study Coach aims to entertain, educate and empower people. The podcast Stories are narrated by Morel Benard. Please download episodes and subscribe, please tell your friends to have a listen and to follow – much appreciated. You will find Study Coach podcasts on most platforms including Buzzsprout and Apple – here are two links:

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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