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Study Coach UK will provide you with Feedback to help you write your University or College essay; we are here to help you achieve academic success. When drafting the assignment consult with Study Coach online and we will act as your tutor and guide you to write your essay.  


Writing a university level essay or college essay can pose challenges for students. The fact that the essay will be graded is perhaps the main reason why many students become stressed and need to seek support. It is okay to seek help (support) with academic assignments, what is not okay is to ask someone to write the essay for you. To instruct an essay writing service to write the essay for you is clearly against University/College rules and it should be clearly against students’ own values and principles. University and College lecturers are there to provide you with feedback on your essay, prior to you submitting the work for marking, the problem is that with so many students requiring help, lecturing staff often don’t have sufficient available time to provide help to all students. Study Coach UK is aware of the issues students can face when trying to get help from tutors; we are here to provide additional support. Study Coach is here to support all learners,  it matters not whether you are enrolled full-time at a brick and mortar establishment, studying part-time or studying via distance learning 

We specialise in Social Sciences, Arts, Health subjects. If you’re a mature student studying Nursing, Health and Social Care, you will be pleased to know that over the years we have supported students with their degree (see below for a number of familiar topics). Study Coach is aware of the challenges that mature learners may encounter in returning to education and not only do we provide online academic support with assignments but we also provide pastoral support.  Students studying for an Access Diploma are also welcomed (Access to Nursing and Midwifery, Social Work, Humanities). 


In order to produce a University standard essay, students must take note of the assignment learning outcomes, note the suggested structure for the essay and consider the guidelines. For example, you might receive guidance to use  particular search databases, highlight key words, use a number of peer reviewed studies and sources of evidence. At university level it is important to ensure that you’re writing more discursive/analytical content than descriptive work. In order to produce a good/excellent standard essay, students will need to learn how to analyse research and develop discursive skills. Study Coach is here to support students with raising discussions and applying relevant concepts, furthermore Study Coach offer students free blogs to provide knowledge on conceptual ideas and provide answers to a range of questions. 


Criminology, Law, Youth Justice, Social Work, Health and Social Care,  Nursing are some of the areas where Study Coach provide support to students, help is given with both essays and dissertation. Here are some examples of topics undertaken: Reflective Analysis Essay; Reflection on Placement; Leadership and Management; Public Health Issues; Diabetes; Social Work Theories to promote effective Social Work; Research Proposal; Radiographic Practice; Nurses Role; Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult; Caring and Compassionate Care; Youth Worker and Leadership; Holistic assessment; Summative Assessment; Communication; Person Centred Care; Care Study in Clinical Placement in the Community; COPD; Career Narrative; Managing Care of Adult Patient; Social Work Law and Legal Systems; Case Study; Tuberculosis; Obesity; Contemporary Issue of Health; Stress; Perceptions and impact on Children’s Learning; SWOT analysis and many others. 

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Academic essay writing including writing a Reflective essay is clearly quite different to general writing, as previously stated when students draft  assignments they need to do so in line with the assignment criteria and other university guidelines. In order for students to improve their chances of passing assignments and achieving high scores it is recommended to consult with your University tutor or an external tutor (Study Coach). The purpose of the consultation is to gauge the standard of your draft assignment; to have someone look over the essay for you and to provide constructive feedback. 

Feedback from Study Coach will allow students to have a better understanding of the essay topic, associated concepts and University learning outcomes. Debunking the essay title is very important, Study Coach will therefore support students in understanding the title, support students to identify relevant research evidence and support students to critique the structure of their work, delete repetition and inappropriate content, proofread, guide students on whether they should be writing in the first or third person according to guidelines, raise application and discursive skills and generally improve study skills. Through consulting with Study Coach students will be able to improve their assignment and increase the chances of achieving a good mark. Study Coach UK, led by Morel Benard is experienced in marking assignments, having worked at higher and further education as a lecturer. Morel’s qualifications are as follows: MSc Educational Leadership; MA Criminology; LLB Honours (Law); BSc Honours (Psychology); PGCE; IQA.   


Submitting your essay to Study Coach is as easy as ABC. Simply send the essay via an email attachment, please don’t place the essay in the email itself, please use attachment. We suggest that students should also phone Study Coach to discuss the essay when drafting the work (there is no charge for the telephone consultation). It is also advisable to inform Study Coach of your assessment criteria/learning outcomes and University deadline date. 

Once you have submitted the essay draft to Study Coach via an email attachment, you will then proceed to make an online payment.  Fees are stated on the website Go to the Academic Support landing page and click ‘Purchase Academic Support for an Assignment or Purchase Academic Support for a Dissertation or Research Project’ and check out the fees. You will find that support for a 3,000 word essay is only £30.00 and this fee is unchanged for the academic year 2019 – 2020. 


Study Coach is here to support you with your learning journey, we are online and also available via phone and email. We are here to answer questions and to provide you with feedback in order to help raise the quality of your work and appraise your content in regard to theoretical frameworks applied in assignments. We act as a critical friend and will guide you to understand assessment criteria and support you to develop your academic skills.


You can access Study Coach service from anywhere and submit your draft work overnight. To find out more about our Essay Writing Feedback Service and other online academic support services, call Morel Benard on 07944 849271 or email


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