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Education is changing, with online teaching and learning. Essay Writing is still however with us, essay workload might in fact pose greater challenges for students who are unaccustomed to learning online. Study Coach UK is a recognised learning provider, working online to support learners with essay writing, academic requirements and providing pastoral support to aid study motivation (UKPRN registered).  Study Coach educational consultant is also making changes in view of demand for particular services and we support parents with Home Schooling and support learners with their UCAS Application Statement. Support with Essay Writing, Research Projects and Dissertation Writing is of course a main service here at Study Coach and we look forward to working with new undergraduates and those continuing with their education.  

Access to Higher Education Students 

We know that non-traditional learners will usually find studies at higher education to be challenging and for Access students making the transition from Further Education to Higher Education can create anxiety. Please don’t despair we are here to support you, we have many years experience working with Access to Higher Education students and non-traditional learners and we love working with you. It gives Study Coach great pleasure to see non-traditional learners blossom and become independent learners. 

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Essay Writing – Reflective 

Reflective Essay Writing and Research Projects tends to cause the most problems for students. We have recently offered some information on research methodology and will return to the subject in a few weeks time, so we will instead focus on saying a few words about reflective essay writing. A reflective assignment will require learners to give their perspective on a learning event, please however note that you will still need to reference the work. You’re not going to reference the actual observation, but you will need to apply theoretical ideas to support what you observed; identify issues and discuss the learning experience. For example, if you’re asked to reflect on your leadership skills then you will be expected to explain your leadership style be it Democratic, Transactional, Transformational or any other style, in doing so you will provide a source of reference to explain the style of leadership, strengths, weaknesses etcetera.  

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Firstly, when you receive the essay assignment brief you need to find out what is required of you before you start to do any research. Read the guidance notes carefully and ensure that you understand the title of the essay; you should pay attention to the Learning Outcomes to ensure that any suggested frameworks and concepts will be adequately researched. It is advisable to write a statement to summarise what you understand from the essay title and to start to make notes of what you need to find out. 

Planning is crucial, do spend sufficient time on deciding on the structure for your essay. It is advisable to let readers know in the Introduction of the essay  what will follow in the body of the work. Time spent on planning should help to reduce ideas being repeated and minimise the inclusion of irrelevant content. When reading the assignment guidelines do also take note of instructions in regard to whether you should be writing in the first or third person. Good planning should help students to raise application and discursive skills and generally improve study skills and increase the chances of achieving a good essay mark.  Good planning will also result in learners enjoying the experience of essay writing. 

Study Coach can help you to improve your grades, to be the best that you can be. We act as a critical friend and will guide you to understand the assessment criteria and for you to develop your essay writing skills. We provide both an Essay and Dissertation service. Study Coach provides online tutoring at its best, and you can access the service at any time and submit your work overnight. To find out more about essay writing, academic support and other services, call Morel Benard on 07944 849271 or email

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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