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If you are looking for an academic service to support you with assignments, then do consider getting in touch with Study Coach. You will need to draft your assignment and Study Coach will act as your critical friend, supporting you to improve your work. We understand that meeting assignment deadlines, understanding new concepts, attending placements, holding down employment and looking after your family all at the same time can be extremely stressful. Study Coach’s business is to support you to be the best student that you can be, given your individual circumstances. We appreciate that the academic world can be challenging for non-traditional learners (both young and mature) and for those with English as a second language. We therefore work in a flexible manner, supporting you via phone and through emails. 


When students are drafting essays, we have noted that a major stumbling block for students is explaining and applying conceptual ideas. For example, students find difficulties with distinguishing between nursing and caring, explaining terms such as: COPD, Stigmatisation, Safeguarding, Negligence, SMART, Transactional Leadership, Intrinsic Motivation, Holistic assessment and so on. In order to extend  learners understanding, Study Coach offers Articles on specific concepts, the Articles are available for download. Each Article provides an excerpt to inform learners of the content; for example, the Article on COPD states that:    

‘Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) affects the airways making breathing difficult; a COPD is a respiratory disease (chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema). This Study Coach Article of 1,300 words is for Download. It will guide you on how to apply COPD in your essay, it will provide you with valuable examples of how COPD can impact on patients’ lives. The nurses’ role is to help manage patients’ COPD, this can create many challenges. The disease is ‘chronic’ it is long term. In order for nursing students to achieve good marks in an essay, students will need to do more than just describe COPD; students will need to produce a good standard of application, explaining the patient’s experience’ 

Articles are designed to help learners appraise concepts, raise discursive contents and promote critical thinking skills. Articles will be added to the Articles page on an ongoing basis. If you have a request for a particular concept, and it is not available on the page, do let us know – get in touch.  


I need to say a few words about writing an Abstract, and I know that I have broached the subject before via Study Coach Facebook and Twitter (StudyCoach1). The main point is to reiterate that you should not spend time at the start of a dissertation trying to write an Abstract. Yes, it is correct that the Abstract is placed at the beginning of the dissertation, but you cannot write about the limitations of your research and implications for practice, until you have actually completed writing the dissertation and drawn a conclusion. Some students are getting quite stressed, because they are attempting to write the Abstract before they have completed the work. Stop – in the name of sanity.   


I have read in the media that the University Minister Jo Johnson is cracking down on essay mills. Purchasing an essay/dissertation and submitting it to a University as your own work is really not good; it is wrong. Imagine this, a learner has achieved a wonderful mark for an essay, everyone is impressed with their achievement and then someone in a group conversation ask the learner to explain the arguments in the brilliant essay. I imagine that the learner will want to make a quick exit, make an excuse that they need to be elsewhere. I guess that they will be forever running and will not last two minutes as an intern, since they won’t possess the knowledge required to put learning into practice in the workplace. It is better for learners to seek support, to be guided and work to improve drafts, as opposed to submitting manufactured work. 

If you need support with assignments, or know of someone who would benefit from support, then get in touch or suggest that they make contact with us:

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Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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