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Study Coach education podcast is available to help students with a range of academic subjects, including GCSE psychology. You don’t need to be at school to engage with GCSE psychology, topics such as conformity, obedience and stress can provide adults with useful knowledge. Study Coach podcast provides a platform to help inform GCSE students about study skills and academic requirements; the podcast is freely available to everyone, meaning that there is no fee to pay. Each episode provides a talk on a particular issue, the aim is to raise awareness about issues impacting on learners lives.  

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Study Coach podcast provides a platform for students, parents, staff and educational institutions to share their perspective; study tips offered to help students with essay and dissertation writing. Students HomeSchooling are also part of the Study Coach community; parents and carers in charge of HomeSchooling are welcomed to get in touch with Study Coach so as to air views on issues impacting on learning at home. 

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You can find Study Coach educational podcast, on Buzzsprout and most podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify, the podcast is presented by Morel. Study Coach podcast brings awareness to academic subjects, interpersonal relationships issues, diversity and inclusion issues in education. The podcast provides valuable Study Tips to help students with essay writing and dissertation writing. The aim of the podcast is to support students to raise grades; to support parents/carers, practitioners in education to challenge discriminatory practices and make changes in education. Furthermore, Study Coach podcast would like to  collaborate with educational institutions to create new strategies and improve outcomes for all learners.  Students future careers are also important to Study Coach podcast, so in the weeks and months ahead, we will schedule some slots to feature careers. 

Study Tip – GCSE Application Skills

When doing application you need to use your knowledge of the psychological theory in view of the scenario or case study. In GCSE Psychology books you will see that the scenario or case study is referred to as the ‘stem’. 

What students need to do is to apply a part of the stem (the stem is an alternative term for the word: Context). Next, you need to identify the relevant Concept or Concepts and then Link to the Context, hence you will be doing application. For example if writing about a Forensic Psychology scenario and someone has broken into a store and stolen milk to feed babies (this is the stem). You then need to identify a concept that you believe could be relevant to the stem, for example Pre-Conventional level and explain how reasoning at this level might lead to the offending behaviour. 

GCSE Forensic Psychology – Eysenck 

Do remember that as learners our job is to critique theories and that Cochrane, Heather and others have levied criticism against Eysenck’s work.  Heather argues that crime is a complex social phenomenon and therefore we need to do more than simply rely on explaining the activity of a person’s nervous system; meaning that more social factors should be taken into consideration. Heather says that Eysenck’s ideas should be criticised because it places the fault of offending inside individuals rather than in the social system where it almost always belongs. 

Eysenck and Personality – Study Coach UK

P = Psychoticism  

Psychoticism is seen to be more correlated to crime than either N or E.  High P score is associated with being aggressive, uncaring, troublesome, inhumane, displaying insensitive behaviours towards others’ needs and feelings. Individuals with P score tend to not experience guilt and they are likely to prefer strange and unusual things. High P score were found to be impulsive, tend to be uncooperative, rigid and lacking sensitivity. Theorists therefore argue that there is a close association between P and overt aggressiveness and impulsive behaviours. 

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