Gender Inequality

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I remember he said: You will need to work hard and you will need to work smart, you are young, so you will start from the bottom and gradually work your way up, you’ll have no problem, if you’re really that smart. He said, be on time and don’t forget to smile, we like everyone to be having a good time. I looked him right in the eye and thought, boy do you lie. 

They were literally tied to their desks and I swore one man looked like he was about to cry, smiles seemed to be far from their minds. I thought is this life or is it my penitence for choosing not to be a bride. 

I’m starting at the bottom rung of the ladder and I need to learn to climb, if I fail in ten years time, you will see the tears in my eyes.  I have aspirations to join middle management but I hear that its rough and tough for girls like me with a common touch. I’m a millennium girl setting out to break the mould of my supposed gender role; I want to be an apprentice, an engineer apprentice to work on the structure of your home. I like climbing ladders and visiting sites, don’t mind getting dirty on the job, working on towers and skyscrapers you see some beautiful sights. I will plan and design and analyse and learn the skills to be the best apprentice in the firm. They say that gender inequality is still rife, girls, or if you prefer me to say women are still being denied equal rights. There are laws and policies and protocols in place, to ensure inclusion, but yet inequality practices rules the day; this is crazy in this millennium age. A Chartered Engineer is first my goal, though I will need a post graduate qualification and secure a loan. My ultimate goal is the corporate world, but I hear that things won’t be fair, after all I’m a girl stepping out of my gender role.  Closed doors to keep me in my place, in this millennium age, what a disgrace.

I’m a hardy individual not usually phased, so I will have to make it my mission and structure a plan to ensure my fate. I won’t think twice about using my womanly wiles, I’m well read and well versed in decorum and style. I will do my apprenticeship and learn the ropes, I aim to climb that ladder, jump over hoops, even through rain or snow and land on that board before I’m too old. You could liken me to iron and steel but underneath I’m just a millennium girl who is refusing to be limited by her gender role. 

Morel Benard 

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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