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Good read Audio Books, Novels, Real Life Stories are Free to viewers at Study Coach UK on Youtube. Reading is a wonderful way to learn new ideas, consider new perspectives about life and providing self-entertainment. It is acknowledged that not everyone likes reading, and some people might not have the time to sit and read. Audio books presents an alternative to reading, and Study Coach UK on Youtube is happy to do the reading for you. Narrating factual or fictitious tales is a great way to pass on history, provide general information about life, promote cultural knowledge and provide readers/listeners with entertainment. If you are a budding writer it would be great to hear your stories, do get in touch with Study Coach.

Study Coach Storytelling on Youtube

Short stories and long stories are narrated on the Study Coach UK YouTube channel page, you will find episodes of stories in the playlist.  Here is a link to the Study Coach UK YouTube channel:


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Narrator/Storyteller Morel Benard at Study Coach UK

Morel Benard is Study Coach UK Storyteller. Morel is also a Poet and Educator.  Morel presents Study Coach Podcast (busy bee Morel). Storytelling and poetry are equally important to Morel, not forgetting empowering others through education. Storytelling is creative education, listening to stories can certainly help to keep minds active and help to promote listening skills. Stories can help learners to widen their perspectives, to progress in learning and at the same time enjoy being entertained. 

Free Books Online, Audio Books 

There is no cost to access storytelling at Study Coach UK, furthermore the stories are available whenever it is convenient for listeners. The Free Books Online are proving to be a useful resource for international viewers, particularly for those who are learning English language. You can take Study Coach UK audio books with you whenever and wherever you choose.   You will find Romantic novels, Detective stories, Thrillers, Life Stories, Science-Fiction and other stories. The stories are presented in episodes of approximately 20 minutes, and you can listen at your leisure. Listening to stories can help you to relax, stories can stimulate creative ideas, provide education, help to extend language skills. The audio stories at Study Coach UK are freely accessible to everyone with internet connection.  

Good Read Stories

Storytelling is often talked about nowadays, even the business world (the world of entrepreneurship) has embraced storytelling. Modern storytelling can learn much from the old storytellers, and the writers of yesteryears have certainly left us a wealth of literature to feast upon. Every race, every nation, every tribe, will love a story and will have their favourite narratives. It is marvellous to observe how young children will quickly settle down to listen to a story, and will request for their favourite story to be read over and over again. Short stories can be consumed in a few minutes and longer stories could take weeks or months to complete, depending on the reader. 

Free Online Library of Stories Senior Citizens

Study Coach UK storytelling would like to encourage more senior citizens to take an interest in listening to stories. Perhaps carers and families could introduce citizens to what is available on the internet. Listening to stories can help to keep minds active and add to a person’s quality of life. Storytelling is a great way to entertain people who are housebound. The target audience for Study Coach stories are adults, but parents who are homeschooling can also make use of Study Coach’s videos, do however take care to select suitable episodes of stories for your age group of learners. Just to reiterate, senior citizens, relaxing at home, people in care homes or hospitalised will also find the Free Audio Books provided by Study Coach UK to be a great way to entertain self. 

English literature 1984 Big Brother Audiobook 

English literature is featured in the Study Coach playlist, there are some good books available.  For example, there is the book 1984, Big Brother New World Order. The story is set in London, England, it is a great way to learn about aspects of England and to learn English through stories. The story of 1984 is a brilliant work of fiction, it is such a powerful story that it can leave readers and listeners wondering if the writer had a premonition about the future.  I like to refer to the story as 1984, Big Brother new World Order. I understand that the idea of a New World Order is considered to be conspiracy theory, but when we analyse facts of today it is difficult to separate fiction from fact. Big Brother, New World Order was once deemed to be too controversial, too political, when it was first published, listen to the story and carry out your own appraisal. Get in touch and share your views.    

Free Good Books, Best Romantic Novels 

If you’re looking for romance you will find Love in the Haystacks in the Playlist; the story of two young country lads seeking a love experience. You will find the complete work of Lady Chatterly’s Lover in Study Coach UK Playlist on Youtube. It is a romance but raunchy story, the work was once banned, deemed to be too scandalous at the time of its first publication. Lady Chatterly’s Lover is also an interesting story from a social historical point of view, the story takes a look at issues such as: social class, social life, industry, politics of the era.  

Story: Audio Books and Storytelling 

The story of Nirvana, Knowledge, Wisdom, is an Indian tale. The story in audio books is a great way to learn about an aspect of Indian culture, and to learn English through stories; it is narrated in English. The narrated story is a great bedtime sleep story following the journey of Siddhartha and his friend Govinda, going in search of knowledge.  

StoryTime and Learning English 

Listening to stories can help people of all ages to become more familiar with English language. Listening with the intention of adding to our vocabulary  can aid learning. Narrator/Storyteller Morel Benard is also an educator and she would like to encourage listeners with English as a second language to note vocabulary when listening.  

Share Storytelling 

Please feel free to share Study Coach’s videos with others, whether they are in your locality or abroad. The stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion, and to enable people to become creative, plus enhancing listening and learning skills and providing entertainment. 

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