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Hello, my name is Morel Benard and I am the founder of Study Coach I know that it is customary for people to ask the question “What do you do?” and I know that I’m supposed to have a short phrase to explain how I spend my time. I could reply that I am an educator but then when I start to talk about a caring business venture, people gaze at me in confusion. Some will pluck-up the courage to say: “I thought you said you were an educator”. What I’m getting at is that labels can be very restrictive, people like to place others into categories and if like me you wear a number of hats then you run the risk of upsetting the status quo and might be seen as a bit of a deviant. 

Yes, I’m an educator. I have spent numbers of years educating students at Higher and Further Education. I have spent years at a number of universities (I like education). Credentials are as follows: MSc Educational Leadership; MA Criminology; LLB (Honours) Law; BSc (Honours) Psychology; IQA (Internal Quality Assurer); PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education). I am also a storyteller, I believe in making learning enjoyable for students/delegates and have often felt restricted by tick box exercises employed in teaching. What I’m talking about is where educational institutions will suffocate a lecturer’s creativity in order to pander to tick box teaching. Anyway, I’m no longer restricted by bureaucracy, so alongside supporting students with their essays and dissertation, Study Coach is deriving great pleasure from creating stories to educate and entertain people. I’m writing stories to assist students with their essays and dissertation and to motivate people to start a business enterprise.  

I write for students at College and University, I try to educate students about academic requirements, theoretical and conceptual ideas through the use of storytelling. I write about the student’s journey, the here and now, becoming an employee or becoming your own boss. The aim is to educate and to entertain. In my years of teaching I found that students engaged with stories, sometimes a little bit too much as some learners would often rephrase my stories in their academic work in order to provide examples. If a story helps understanding for students to be able to differentiate empiricism from nativism or transformational leadership from transactional or contract from counter contract and so on, then it is a worthwhile story. Conceptual ideas are not always easy to understand and they are required to underpin assignments and to achieve high grades; through storytelling I aid students to understand and to apply learning. 

Education is costly and unfortunately many young people today are choosing not to pursue a college/university qualification. The drop-out rate from college in Europe and the USA is high, and from my observations (via watching videos) many young people are pessimistic about their futures. People age 18 – 40 are seeking an education outside of the classroom, I hope that my stories will provide education to those in a formal educational setting and to people outside of the classroom. If you’re working on an essay or dissertation I look forward to reading your draft when you are ready. Simply forward the work to my email and feel free to phone for a chat. You can find my stories on instagram @morelbenard and on other social platforms. My Blogger site will soon be updated. Website: Phone: Morel Benard on 07944 849271

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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