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Learning online or face-to-face is great, but there is also learning via audio, learning via Podcast. Study Coach podcast is an educational podcast, designed to support students in their respective educational settings and to support staff working in education. Topics such as equality, diversity, inclusion, theoretical ideas, academic requirements, study tips and academic guidance are discussed and offered. A new podcast episode highlighting a chosen issue is uploaded each week and is available for all to download, it is all freely available. At this point in writing the latest Study Coach podcast episode puts the spotlight on doing a Research Proposal. If you missed the episode, the beauty is that you can listen to it in your own time and you can listen to all previous uploaded episodes when time allows. If you are studying it is advisable to Subscribe to Study Coach podcast, so you can receive notification when new study tips, mini lectures are uploaded. Students will find the talks useful to help raise academic knowledge, essay writing skills, research methodology knowledge, study skills and much more. 

Academic Support

University students should aim to understand how to write a good essay and write a good dissertation. Study Coach provides an online educational service to support University and College students with their academic work. Students owe it to themselves to do well at University or College and to be the best student they can be. Students can freely register for online academic support with Study Coach UK. If a substantial part of your course is now being delivered online, you might also need greater academic support to help you to understand essay requirements and the overall criteria for assignments. Study Coach academic service is personal, meaning that the service is delivered on an individual basis as opposed to online group tutoring. Students submit their draft assignments via an email attachment, and they can do this at a time convenient to them. Study Coach’s email service is open 24/7, simply send us an email and connect with us; alternatively, give us a call during office hours or send us a text and we will respond. Let’s return to the podcast. 

Study Coach Podcast: 

Study Coach education podcast provides a platform for students, parents, staff and educational institutions to share their perspective; study tips offered to help students with essay and dissertation writing. 

Study Coach Podcast Platforms: 

You will find Study Coach podcast on Buzzsprout and most podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify, the podcast is presented by your truly – Morel. Study Coach podcast brings awareness to interpersonal relationships issues, diversity and inclusion issues in education. The podcast provides valuable Study Tips to help students understand academic requirements and raise grades. Topics on equality, diversity, inclusion are included to support students, parents/carers, practitioners in education to challenge discriminatory practices. The overall aim of the podcast is to raise awareness about educational issues, offer education institutions some strategies and improve outcomes for all learners. Study Coach podcast would love to collaborate with organisations, so please feel free to get in touch. Please find links to the podcast:

Doing Primary Research 

If planning to do Primary research you will need to create a title, make the title specific and focus on the aim of the research. In order to do well, students must ensure that the research aim and objectives, and issues surrounding methodology are well considered. It is advisable to read recommended research methodology books prior to thinking about the research proposal. Reading the books will help to reinforce why it is important to pay close attention to research concepts, to understand the importance of sampling, ethics and other research issues.  Do also consult with a good Study Skills book, to help you with issues such as planning and time management.  Take a look at sub-headings in books to identify content on how to plan a research proposal or write the dissertation. 

Study Coach Education Podcast
Study Coach Education Podcast

Adult Learners doing Research 

Adult Learners may be studying on a full-time or part-time basis, learners may be studying for a formal or non-formal qualification. What adult learners do have in common is that they have been outside of education for a number of years and have taken the decision to re-educate self in order to find employment; returning to formal academic studies can be challenging and adult learners sometimes need to seek support, hence the reason Study Coach is in existence.  Study Coach podcast gives mature learners the opportunity to get their views aired, so do send Study Coach an email or leave a comment in the podcast comment box.

For many adult learners’ English is not their mother tongue, this can pose difficulties for students in understanding new theoretical concepts and drafting assignments. Morel at Study Coach is experienced working with adult learners, give her a call on the website number and have a chat. Let’s give some attention to discursive writing and critical skills. 

Education and Discursive Writing 

In preparing to write an essay start by making notes as you read and start to mentally raise questions in view of the essay title. For example, you could ask yourself why the university have chosen to set the particular essay question, there might be a public or academic controversy inferred in the question, waiting for you to explore. If the essay question ask that you should consider the topic from a local, national and global perspective, then you should do so. Each level is likely to unearth its own dynamics and at the same time be linked. Your job is to gather relevant and sufficient evidence for each perspective and to raise a discussion, this will require you to use critical thinking skills to produce discursive arguments. If you find yourself basically reiterating what the research says then you are being descriptive and this could lead to issues of plagiarism, irrespective of you referencing the source. To write a good essay, students need to rely less on researchers words and instead critically analyse research findings, weighing-up research data and considering the merits of arguments, relevance of methodology used, assumptions made, debatable points, and expressing why the points are debatable will all help to lead to a discursive essay.  

Students should note obvious questions prompted by the essay title and identify important issues to include. Students should consider what they already know and what they do not yet know, reflect on where to find relevant resources and locate the evidence they will need to support opinions. If the assignment ask for a detailed explanation of the search strategy then do so,  you could later put this in an appendix. 

How to write a Critical Thinking Essay 

A discursive essay and a critical thinking essay have much in common, in order to raise a discussion we must learn to think critically. Critical thinking skills assumes abilities in a range of skills such as categorising, selection and differentiation.  An academic essay requires students to slow down their processing of information in order to assess research, analyse the methodologies used to identify flaws in the way we arrive at a conclusion. Critical skills include the ability to spot assumptions, identify inconsistencies, errors and merits of research arguments. Higher level critical thinking skills usually requires a combination of skills and attitudes, critical thinking skills will enable students to decide on a number of issues, for example: whether information included in a piece of published research is relevant to the research question and whether chosen methodologies are appropriate for answering research questions.    

In writing and presenting the essay, your ideas should be clear to the reader and ideas should be suitably linked. Paragraphs should therefore be well structured and the style of writing should be in keeping with academic writing style, meaning that self-expression is not too chatty or flippant. Essay writing should be clear, ensure that there is nothing for readers to find confusing, technical vocabulary should be used correctly, and with minimal reliance on researchers’ words. If there is too much reliance on researchers’ words remember that students run the risk of falling foul of plagiarism. 

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Study Coach is an Online Academic Support Service, helping Adult learners with Essay Writing, Assignments, Research Skills, Dissertation, Presentation Skills/Pastoral Support. Study Coach also has an educational Podcast to support students and educational staffs. 

In respect of essays, students draft their own Essay and submit to Study Coach for detailed feedback. We support non-traditional learners studying for a Degree or Diploma. Adult Nursing students, Social Work, Law, Youth Justice, Health and Social Care, Public Health, Mental Health, Education and Teaching, Access Students have all vouched for the great support they have received through Study Coach. Students have described Study Coach as the best essay support service available. 

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