Homeschooling Storytelling: Stories for Kids Podcast with Morel

Storytelling at story time whether at school or at Homeschool is a great way to educate and entertain learners. To help Homeschooling parents ‘Stories for Kids with Morel’ Podcast presents suitable stories for a Homeschooling curriculum. Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast aims to encourage children to engage with reading, and to help children develop listening skills, and storytelling skills. Parents and Carers with responsibility for home learning and homeschooling can assist and supervise children to develop their vocabulary and understanding through listening to the stories. 

Podcast Services

You will find Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast available on: Google Podcast, Spotify Podcast, Apple Podcast, Buzzsprout and other major podcast platforms. 

Stories for Kids on PODCAST 

The audio world presents opportunities to help educate and entertain young people through stories. The use of storytelling via podcast can also help children with learning English, it could also help adults with ESOL. Listeners can improve articulation and listening skills through accessing Stories for Kids with Morel podcast. 

Access to Storytelling

Children can listen to the stories from a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and other futuristic devices.  To access the stories for children simply select your preferred podcast streaming service and download. Stories for Kids with Morel podcast is available on most major podcast platforms. Here is a Buzzsprout link:

Subscribe/Share Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast

Please feel free to share Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast, and please feel free to Subscribe. Sharing with other parents will help to spread the word, and allow children locally to enjoy the stories. Sharing further afield will also help to support children living in countries where English is a Second Language. The stories can provide great opportunities for a family discussion, and to enable children to raise listening, analytical and creative skills. 

Homeschooling and Storytelling

If looking for suitable resources to help educate and entertain children during Homeschooling or when doing general education at home, then do consider including some stories from Stories for Kids with Morel. Stories can help to spark a child’s imagination and provide ideas for essay writing and creative writing. 

Homeschooling parents can make use of Stories for Kids with Morel in their homeschool curriculum. Books and books and more books can help to keep children occupied for hours.

Listening Skills and Podcast

The world of audio is great because it clearly requires the use of listening skills, and will therefore help to increase and fine-tune children’s active listening skills. Listening to stories can also help young people with communication skills and with social interactions. Stories can provide young people with topics for discussion, furthermore after listening to a story, children could write a summary of the story, thereby developing writing skills. 

The Voice of Stories for Kids

Morel Benard is the voice at Stories for Kids, hence the title of the podcast ‘Stories for Kids with Morel’. Morel is a qualified and experienced educator and narrator, and she takes pleasure in storytelling to entertain kids. 

It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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