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Homeschooling is on the rise says the evidence comes from school data across 32 USA states and Washington DC. Stories for Kids with Morel podcast is a great resource to help parents with Homeschooling. The increase in Homeschooling clearly defies the prediction that families would choose to return their children to public schools after COVID-19. The Washington Post states that the increase in Homeschooling is especially high in states with large urban centres. In the UK Homeschooling is also becoming a good alternative to public schooling. UK parents will often cite bullying as the reason for choosing to Homeschool. 

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Parents simply need to access Stories for Kids with Morel podcast via Spotify,  Apple, Buzzsprout, Google or through your preferred podcast platform. You can download stories for your kids when travelling short or long journeys. If you are working on the farm or elsewhere and have the kids with you then download a story and allow children to learn while you work. 

Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast

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Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast:

Parents with responsibility for Homeschooling can access Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast during lesson time. There is no cost to download the podcast, it is free.  Join Stories for Kids with Morel podcast community by subscribing, and please share with other parents/carers who are Homeschooling. Subscription is a way of communicating to Stories for Kids that the service is of some value. If you can offer a good Review that would also be appreciated. Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast is available to all children, meaning children attending public schools. 


Stories for Kids with Morel podcast is presented by Morel Benard, hence the title of the show. Stories can be incorporated into Homeschooling lesson plans and curriculum. If children are attending school, they can listen to the stories on their way to school and when at home, and when on vacation. Parents can facilitate children to discuss aspects of the story or the whole story depending on a child’s learning level. Parents can also use aspects of a story to create learning tasks for Homeschooling, and general home education. 

White Elephant StoryTime

The story of the White Elephant is a short story and very suitable for Homeschooling, learners will be able to consider the term ‘Woodcutter’ and ‘Lumberjack’ and furthermore consider the job responsibilities and tools used by the Woodcutter. A Homeschooling Lesson Plan based on the White Elephant story could also consider stages of life. The old elephant said to his son: “White Elephant, now that you have grown large and strong, I want you to help my friends, the Woodcutters. One day, many years ago, when I had a cruel splinter in my foot, they pulled it out for me and bound me up, and gave me food..…”  

Do listen to Stories for Kids with Morel podcast and the story of the White Elephant and let me know your views about the story.  


If looking for suitable resources to help educate and entertain children during Homeschooling or when doing general education at home, then do consider including some stories from Stories for Kids with Morel podcast. Stories can help to spark a child’s imagination and provide ideas for essay writing and creative writing. 

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