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Study Coach UK offers an administrative, policy and procedure writing service to support small local businesses.  You might run a wedding photography service, run a gym, do hair extensions or bake cakes, run a guest house or a home caring service or any other business and find that you need to draft some policies in order to be compliant with rules and regulations. If you need help on how to write a policy and procedure for your small business, do get in touch with us, here at Study Coach. 

Supporting Local Small Businesses

Study Coach UK is located in Bedfordshire and operates Online, therefore we are local to London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas and accessible to all UK businesses –  being Online allows us to be near to you. Starting a small business can be daunting, particularly when there is a lack of support. Study Coach UK is here to help you generate business ideas, offer pastoral support, minimise stress, along with drafting your business policies and procedures and helping you to understand regulations and guidelines.

Consultant to Business People

Team members at Study Coach UK are qualified and experienced educators, we are knowledgeable on the subject of law, health and social care, business administration, leadership, psychology and other related subjects. With a strong background in law, policies, regulations, ethical standards, Study Coach is able to offer small business the guidance they require in order to draft the necessary policies and procedures for business.  We encourage businesses to get in touch for a chat, or numerous chats, telephone: 07944 849271. Phone and get to know us here at Study Coach.  We are supportive of everyone (all human beings) don’t hesitate to call, you’ll find a welcoming reception. 

Drafting/Training Businesses on Policy & Procedure
Drafting Policy and Procedure for Small Local Businesses

Policy Documents

It does depend on your business, but the following are some examples of documents you might be required to submit to external agencies:

Code of Conduct

Ethical Procedures

Health & Safety


Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination

Data Protection 

Terms of Employment 

Internet & Email Policy

Writing Business Policy & Procedure 

Our business services includes: writing reports, creating work documents, agendas and administrative writing tasks. The team at Study Coach UK is academically qualified and experienced to support your business development.  For example, if you’re in the business of care, or thinking about establishing a care business, you will need to produce a range of documentation in satisfaction of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Depending on your specialism or business niche, you might also need to draft documents to satisfy NHS requirements,  submit business policies to Care Homes and Local Authorities, draft internal policies for care staff and write other mandatory documents.  Creating documents bespoke to your organisation can be very time consuming, Study Coach is therefore here to help you save time, so that you can focus on establishing and growing your business.  

Study Coach Saving You Time & Money:

Study Coach’s aim is to save you time and money enabling you to grow your business, we also offer learning products to facilitate team building, diversity and leadership skills, we aim to educate and entertain.


Study Coach UK is led by Morel Benard. Morel is qualified and experienced in teaching (PGCE; MSc Educational Leadership; MA Criminology; LLB Honours (Law); BSc Honours (Psychology); Assessor; Internal Quality Assurer). Morel is a member of Middle Temple Inns of Court. Study Coach UK is a member of UK Register of Learning Providers.

Contact: Morel on 07944 849271


It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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