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Are you thinking about HomeSchooling? It is an option for parents. Study Coach UK is here to support parents to understand essential teaching skills; to help parents create effective lesson aims, lesson objectives, lesson content, lesson plans, teaching and learning resources. If your HomeSchooling schedule is to be scrutinised by educational agencies you will find the Study Coach teaching skills pdf to be of great value. Study Coach UK starts with the assumption that the majority of parents who are HomeSchooling are not qualified teachers, and based on this assumption, parents will appreciate receiving some teaching skills support, to make teaching and learning effective and enjoyable. Study Coach has created a 17 page pdf workbook filled with information and examples on teaching skills, to support parents and carers who are HomeSchooling. The pdf workbook is downloadable from the Study Coach website. See the landing page entitled ‘Home Schooling’.   


Home School:

There are many changes taking place in our world and impacting on children’s education. In some parts of the world schools are closed due to economic crisis and children are being turned away from entering schools. In other countries children are being denied an education due to gender discrimination and in some parts of the world, high school fees makes it impossible for parents to send their children to school. Bullying and safety within schools are further issues why parents may choose to educate their children at home. A home education can deliver great benefits to children, providing high standards and quality that is comparable to a public school education, or might in fact supersede public school education. Whatever your reason for HomeSchooling, Study Coach is here to inform and teach parents about essential teaching skills, so as to help make HomeSchooling more fun and less stressful.   


Life will present ups and downs, the downs can lead to Stress. My little tip for you is to learn how to identify your particular Stressors, meaning what kind of things will trigger stress for you. Think about it and write it down, it could be linked to home life, work life, social life or it could be linked to preparing HomeSchooling lessons. So start raising your awareness and jot down your Stressors. Do remember that if you are feeling stressed when teaching, then your children homeschooling are also likely to be experiencing stress. What you need to do is to manage the stress and Study Coach is here to help you. 


If you learners are young people working towards a qualification, then here is a little tip about writing essays. You might also find the tip of some use for your work or business, if you have to produce work or business reports. Here goes, when we write, we will need to use both descriptive and discursive content, the problem is that often students in particular will focus too much on giving a description, an explanation of concepts but spend insufficient time discussing the concept. It could well be that time is not the problem but that the student don’t know what to say. Study Coach advice is that students should raise points (academic arguments). HomeSchoolers will need to improve their mental thinking skills and create questions, raise arguments and then give written answers. 

Let me give you an example: Let’s say that the HomeSchooler has read an article and the researcher says that fear is preventing business people from being successful and the HomeSchooler wants to use the quote for an essay. Well, firstly, he/she should type-up the quote (that is the descriptive work). Afterwards, do some thinking or in fact do the thinking before choosing to use the quote. Afterwards the learner could say that though Researcher X states that there is a link between fear and achieving success, it is also possible that being fearless is no guarantee that success will follow, there are other issues that needs to be considered. A good marketing strategy might be a better indicator as to whether the business person will be successful, if the marketing strategy is poor then it is likely to lead to lack of success.  The learner could go on to argue that a good marketing strategy is not the only criteria to achieve success there are other factors for consideration and these will be considered further in the report/essay/whatever.   

Parents as Teachers: 

I know you didn’t set out to be a teacher but never mind, some things get thrust upon us and we either choose to run away from it or we embrace the challenge. Parents need to put on their teacher’s hat and do the best that they can to meet children’s educational needs, and Study Coach is here to support parents.  HomeSchooling can also help adults in their professional development and education. Teaching via HomeSchooling might enhance presentation skills, numerical skills and higher thinking skills and prove useful in public life.   

Lesson Plan Ideas:

  • Instruct the child to give a written definition of skills and of qualities (learners can use the dictionary, available books or internet)
  • Make two columns on writing paper, one column headed skills and the other qualities and in view of the definition they should write 4 of their best skills and 4 of their best qualities.
  • Ask the learner to explain to you how and when they learnt the skills and qualities (verbal interaction, could develop into an interesting discussion in respect of innate qualities). 

Study Coach UK & HomeSchooling 

Study Coach is Online, based in Bedfordshire, UK.  The pdf workbook is designed by Morel Benard. Study Coach UK creates downloadable teaching and learning Products and Resources for Homeschooling. Morel is qualified and experienced in delivering teaching and learning, she has teaching qualifications: PGCE www.gre.ac.uk  Assessor D32/33, IQA. Morel has teaching experience at Higher, Further and Secondary Education in the UK. 

Here is a reminder of the direct link to the Teaching Skills pdf for Parents Home Schooling: 


Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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