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Study Coach is here to help people re-engage with education and learning new skills, this is important since the world of work has changed. Acquiring new skills for employment, business, social life is recommended for all adults. There is a growing awareness that entrepreneurs whose business is linked to social media should increase time spent on producing informational content, in order to promote their business. Writing information to educate prospective clients and customers will require making use of academic skills. 

Writing Documents

Carrying out research, drafting PDF documents is the suggestion, as given by social influencers. Researching, planning and writing lengthy documents will certainly require the use of academic skills, though this might prove challenging for some inexperienced entrepreneurs. Creating a good structure and organising the document is just as important as the content, the saying goes: it’s not what you know but the way that you organise it. 

Structuring Writing

Documents designed to promote products or services can be shaped from several elements. For example in the planning stage a scaffolding system used to organise the work can reap many benefits, furthermore arguments should be clear and run through the whole piece of writing. It should be clear to readers and potential customers how arguments are connected. The use of key words much discussed in the world of social media should also be considered to help reinforce products and services and offer key business information. 


Preparation is key to doing research, adult learners should therefore reflect on prior learning and set aside time to brainstorm ideas before deciding on what to write. If learners have no previous college experience in drafting lengthy documents (don’t worry) Study Coach is here to support learners online. We will provide our Lifelong Learners, side hustlers and entrepreneurs, with an Essay Plan, giving guidance on how to develop paragraphs, support ideas with evidence, link paragraphs, move from being descriptive to discursive; these skills will furthermore assist learners to raise critical thinking skills and enhance public speaking skills. 

Study Coach Essay/Dissertation/Document Plans 

Study Coach is experienced in education and is in the business of supporting adult learners, we therefore welcome the opportunity to help both the experienced and inexperienced entrepreneur and University students to plan creative educational content. Our planning service includes conducting research, and structuring a detailed plan that will make documentation  and Essay writing (2,000 – 5,000 words) more enjoyable and faster to complete. Study Coach Planning service is available to University students writing a Dissertation or doing a Research Project. University students, Entrepreneurs, Lifelong Learners, wherever you are in our fast changing world, do reach out to Study Coach, we would love to hear from you. Study Coach will act as your personal online education coach, helping you to raise critical thinking skills, analyse text, generate ideas, teach you to plan compositions, essays, reports and improve content creation. Developing planning, thinking and writing skills will also help to boost confidence for work or business, for example, you may need to produce PDF documents for your present or future business.

Content Writing for Business 

You could choose to write your promotional and informational documents in a formal academic style or you could adopt a more informal style, the choice is yours and might also depend on the nature of your business. For example, if selling flowers and chocolates, you might want to use more flowery language, using an informal style. You could also use a mixed style, making use of technical language to describe pollination. Developing writing skills will help you to further advance in business. 

Writing Resources 

Study Coach provides Lifelong Learners with resources to analyse and a writing task to complete. Learners are able to choose their preferred topic and receive guidance on possible ways to structure the writing. The resources will provide learners with knowledge, enabling learners to become informed, critically assess the knowledge presented, provide counter arguments, recommendations, draw a conclusion and understand how to apply the learning in the real world. To facilitate learners Study Coach provides Learning Outcomes (tasks) for learners to complete based on the learning resources provided. Once tasks are completed and developed into an essay format, learners will submit the completed writing to Study Coach for feedback. We therefore act as a personal online tutor facilitating learners education, learners receive an education all from the comfort of their home and from wherever they are in the world. You can submit a piece of writing whenever you wish and as often as you wish, we aim to help people to empower themselves, help people to succeed in life. Study Coach will provide you with a guide (plan) to help you structure the essay, if you would like to know how to get involve and start writing, simply send Morel at Study Coach an email. 

Home Education

The pandemic has brought many changes for people, and the strain on many has been considerable, parents have taken on the role of full-time teachers to facilitate their children during lockdown. Taking on the role of teacher has led to some Moms and Dads, reflecting on their own level of education.  Study Coach’s Lifelong Learning programme will help Moms, Dads and other family members with facilitating children’s education.

Lifelong Learners Worldwide

Calling all Lifelong Learners, wherever you are in the world, Study Coach will act as your personal online tutor facilitating your education, all from the comfort of your home in the UK, USA, Asia, Africa, and further afield. All you need is a mobile phone to send Study Coach your essay via a Word attachment. We will provide you with teaching and learning resources, writing plan and Learning Outcomes to complete, enabling you to learn and develop your essay. Study Coach will read learners work and provide valuable feedback to facilitate people’s education, and help people to empower themselves from wherever they are in the world. The service is very flexible, learners can start whenever they feel ready. If you would like to know how to get involve and start writing, simply send Morel at Study Coach an email:

Study Coach UK: 07944 849271 

It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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