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Ageing and old age should not be used as an excuse to discontinue with learning, as a matter of fact given that the retirement age has increased, and is likely to increase further and people are living longer than before, it is recommended that we should appraise our current skills and acquire new skills. Continuous professional development and lifelong learning is great for our mental well-being and should therefore be encouraged. Study Coach would like to encourage adults (whether employed, unemployed or retired) to have a lifetime of learning. If you have been thinking about returning to learning, then don’t procrastinate anymore – join Study Coach. 

The lifelong learning programme at Study Coach aims to provide an educational experience to encourage those from traditionally educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to re-engage with studies. To provide adult learners with the opportunity to re-assess their study skills, to acquire new knowledge and to allow learners to work at their own pace. The Study Coach lifelong learning programme is Online; learners’ will therefore be able to access the programme from the comfort of their homes and from anywhere in the world, where there is internet access.  

Study Coach Lifelong Learning arrangements will enable people to learn at the time, place and pace which satisfies their circumstances and requirements. Learners’ will be able to select the lesson they require, complete the learning task and submit the work to Study Coach for marking. Lessons are currently being designed in preparation for the start of the new academic year (September 2018). The aim is to open up opportunities by overcoming barriers that result from geographical isolation, personal commitments, which often prevent people from gaining access to education (MSC, 1984). Study Coach aim to assist learners in gaining access to knowledge that they would otherwise be denied. Lessons with a theoretical basis are simplified to engage with learners and consideration is given to language skills and dyslexia. 

Ott (2007) writes that broken bones mend, many horrifying wounds heal in hospitals around the world, but the damage inflicted on the minds of many people who have dyslexia, or other forms of learning disabilities, leave scars which sometimes fester and spread. Study Coach recognise that many education systems have been slow in identifying and diagnosing dyslexia, resulting in children not achieving their full potential. These children, now grown adults may have had a horrifying educational experience and as a consequence disengage with learning. Study Coach would like to help fill gaps in education and motivate adults to live and learn. I am passionate about empowering people through education, I am creating learning resources to promote knowledge and to make learning fun. The lifelong learning activities will roll out in September 2018, I will update you and provide more information soon. 

Morel Benard


Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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