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Self awareness and self-evaluation is important to a student’s studies, because in order to develop academic skills we need to know where we are starting from. Study Coach UK would like to encourage students to evaluate their current strengths and weaknesses, and to consider what exactly they would like to achieve. The acronym SWOT is useful to help students decide on what they need to improve and to decide how they are going to improve and what resources they will need to access. Students will also need to consider any potential obstacles that could block their goals. 

Lifelong Learning

Life is all about learning and Study Coach is here to support not only students who are enrolled at a brick and mortar educational establishment or students studying via distant learning, Study Coach is in support of people who are running a business as an entrepreneur. It is possible that you are employed and also have a side hustle and working towards making your side hustle your main job. Developing thinking skills, decision making skills, emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills will help to have a positive impact on your business and/or paid employment. Study Coach is here to support Lifelong Learners with their continuing professional development. 

Study for a Degree

I have often heard the phrase ‘learn to earn’ being echoed on social media, unfortunately I have also heard on social media that going to college/university is a bad idea. Interestingly, people on social media often make reference to doing research via academic journal, and in their discussions they will often want those participating in discussions to support their arguments with evidence. There is usually little or no credit given to the academics who have spent considerable time at university undertaking the research. Were it not for people choosing to go to college, then progressing to university and choosing to spend years undertaking research we would not have the evidence to support arguments and to help us in professional practices. Study Coach would therefore like to encourage people to study for a degree whilst being employed, or whilst running a business, or enjoying retirement (it is very doable). Study Coach is here online to support Lifelong Learners. 

Critical Thinking

If you have time on your hands because you are no longer employed or running a business, studying for a degree is a great way to keep mentally agile. Writing essays, reading, doing critical analysis will also prove helpful when having social discussions. Study Coach is experienced and qualified to help learners raise critical thinking skills, analytical skills, discursive skills, and raise level of overall education. 

Essay Writing, Research and Lifelong Learning

The world faces many serious problems which cannot just be solved by a few experts or politicians. We all need to play our part, we therefore need an educated public, a public who will feel confident to engage with issues and be willing to work towards finding solutions. The phrase doing your own research is now quite a popular phrase on social media, as people are encouraged to raise questions and to search for answers in order to make decisions for their families. Study Coach would like to encourage people to engage with learning, to develop critical thinking skills, writing skills and to take to platforms and let their voices be heard. 

Writing Skills and Public Speaking

Whether you are employed or retired, lifelong learning should be part of your life. If you are unemployed, there is even more reason to engage with learning to continuously stimulate thinking skills, writing skills, communication skills in preparation for employment.  Acquiring new knowledge and developing new Learning skills can help to maximise our potential, help to find a more satisfying job, become more successful in your chosen career, extend your knowledge. 

Study Coach is independent of universities but qualified and experienced to lecture, provide pastoral support and to provide assignment feedback. Study Coach is led by Morel Benard (MSc, MA, LLB, BSc, PGCE, Assessor, IQA). 

Lifelong Learners Worldwide

Calling all Lifelong Learners, wherever you are in the world, Study Coach will act as your personal online tutor facilitating your education, all from the comfort of your home in the UK, USA, Asia, Africa, and further afield. All you need is a mobile phone to send Study Coach your essay via a Word attachment. We will read the work and provide valuable feedback to facilitate your education, and help you to empower yourself from wherever you are in the world. The service is not a course, you can submit a piece of writing whenever you wish and as often as you wish, we aim to help people to empower themselves, help people to succeed in life. Study Coach will provide you with a guide (plan) to help you structure the essay, if you would like to know how to get involve and start writing, simply send Morel at Study Coach an email:

Study Coach UK: 07944 849271 

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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