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Students were asked to write an essay on Interpersonal Skills and I suggested that they made reference to the work of Argyle. Students had no idea about Argyle, but one clever student decided to make a search on the internet. She found out that the theorist had died many years ago, and therefore she announced that she could not reference Michael Argyle, because his work is old. ‘Argyle’s work is no good Morel, his research is old, we need more modern research’ said the student. ‘Oh is that so. Why then do we still talk about Einstein’s research, I believe he died many, many years ago. Should we strike Einstein from the history books?’ I asked. 

When writing essays your university might instruct you to limit your critique to research published within the last 10-12 years; this does not mean that you should totally ignore older research. For example in the case of Argyle, you could reference his work to provide a background on his contribution to Interpersonal Communication Skills, highlighting how his research has given modern day researchers’ knowledge. 

If you have never heard about the theorist Argyle and his research on human social interaction skills, also referred to as body language, then it is worthwhile finding a copy of his work. If you need support to understand any of his concepts, contact 

In due course Argyle’s concepts will be included in EXAMPLES by Study Coach for Download.

Next time we will look at Bandura, Bee, Bowlby or Bassey. 


Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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