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Study Coach offers a range of services targeted at students and non-students. We are evolving and are now engaging with educating businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, in due course we hope to offer learners’ apps to facilitate learning. On the subject of apps, we recently discovered that there are two apps on the market branded Study Coach (amazing). Study Coach is a registered trademark, so we have informed the people in question and expect them to make the required changes in due course. It appears that one of the app is far from effective, we are particularly concern about this since it carries the brand Study Coach. Please therefore note that Study Coach does not have an app on the market, apps products currently with this brand name  are impostors. Once again, we expect the people in question to make the necessary changes and re-brand in respect of their own name. 

Okay, in regard to students, as we know non-traditional learners will usually find studies at higher education to be challenging and we are here to support them. Previous blogs have focused on bringing our services to students attention, for example: Where to get Help with Essay? Study Coach UK and Private Tutor Online for Adult Learners – Study Coach. Reflective assignments and research projects tends to cause the most problems for students. We have recently offered some information on research methodology and will return to the subject in a few weeks time, so we will instead focus on saying a few words about reflective assignments. A reflective assignment will require learners to give their perspective on a learning event, please however note that you will still need to reference the work. You’re not going to reference the actual observation but you will need to apply theoretical ideas to support what you observed; identify issues and discuss the learning experience. For example, if you’re asked to reflect on your leadership skills then you will be expected to explain your leadership style be it Autocratic, Transactional, Transformational or any other style, in doing so you will provide a source of reference to explain the style of leadership, strengths, weaknesses etcetera.  

Learners will often panic when faced with a reflective assignment, they wrongly assume that because the assignment is personal (from their perspective) they will be unable to rely on ideas from others. Study Coach is here to support you with your reflective work so there is no cause for panic, all you need to do is to select the experience you wish to discuss and to draft the work. We will provide you with feedback to help raise the quality of your work and appraise your content in regard to the theoretical frameworks applied. If you’re studying Psychology at college level you might want to have a look at the following blog Psychology: Classical Conditioning

Study Coach can help you to improve your grades, to be the best that you can be. We act as a critical friend and will guide you to understand the assessment criteria and for you to develop your academic skills. We provide both an Essay and Dissertation service. Study Coach provides online tutoring at its best, and you can access the service at any time and submit your work overnight. To find out more about our academic support and other services, call Morel Benard on 07944 849271 or email

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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