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The focus of Study Coach podcast is teaching and learning. Entrepreneurs, employees, students, and others can benefit from the teachings delivered through Study Coach; the podcast is Free to download. Teachings on various topics are crafted using a storytelling style to educate and to entertain listeners. A new episode of Study Coach educational podcast is presented each week, all you have to do is to download the podcast episode via your preferred streaming service. The most recent podcast episode talked about Practical Presentation Skills, and we did promise to provide some notes from the podcast. In keeping our promise please find below a list of practical guidance tips to assist you with your next presentation, or talk.

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First point you should keep in mind is that you will be giving a presentation and not a reading. Feel free to make use of the tips in view of your own needs; the tips are suggestions, so feel free to alter the tips to suit your  presentation. I repeat it is a presentation and not a reading:

  1. Get some index cards, buy them, make them, acquire them. 3 or 4 should be sufficient, depending on the expected duration of the presentation. If you are going to speak for an hour, then quite clearly, you will need more than 4 cards
  2. You can use both the front and the back of the cards to make bullet points
  3. Don’t try to write long sentences on the cards – just points – concepts
  4. If you work better with symbols, drawings, images to trigger you memory, then make drawings on the cards
  5. You can colour code the cards, according to the points you need to convey
  6. Note – don’t use writing paper A4 or any other size. Paper is flimsy and is likely to flop over – the cards are easier to hold.
  7. Once you are done with each card during the talk, simply proceed to the next card
  8. The use of cards with bullet points, will allow you to make eye contact with you audience – the bullet points will aid your memory, so you can construct sentences and express what you need to say.
  9. You will use the whiteboard, screen, projector or other device to provide written definitions, brief statements, a quote, statistics, graphs, so that you audience can read, and you can read along with them, you can pause and draw their attention to any significant statistics. This will also help to take the pressure off yourself as all eyes will be on the screen – before returning to the use of the next card.

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‘Stories for Kids with Morel’ –  Podcast

Stories for Kids with Morel podcast brings entertainment and education. Stories are uploaded on a regular basis. Recent story is ‘How the Camel got his Hump’. Long stories, short stories, fairy stories too, moral stories are waiting just for you. The Stories for Kids with Morel podcast can be incorporated into your Homeschooling curriculum. If you are formally teaching children at home, or if you are providing additional home education to help kids progress, then you could create some learning tasks based on the stories. Stories for Kids with Morel podcast is a great resource for home education.  Here is a link to the podcast: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/2223398.rss

Learning Task Similes

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Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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