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Congratulations on securing a place at University or College for the next academic year; this is the beginning of a new chapter in your life and you might need some guidance, Academic Support to help you to realise your potential and achieve your goals. Study Coach provides a range of blogs to support students on their learning journey. If you are already an undergraduate and returning for your second or final year, we are delighted for you. There will be many new concepts to understand as you add to and so extend your knowledge; if you have not yet been introduced to Study Coach’s blog resources, then I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome – My name is Morel Benard.

Question: What is Study Coach?
Answer: Study Coach is an Online Educational Service Supporting Adult learners with Assignments/Dissertation/Proof-reading/Presentation Skills/Pastoral Support. Study Coach provides Help with Writing Essays, Writing Dissertation. We also provide a limited service where YOU will draft the Essay and submit to Study Coach; Study Coach will provide detailed feedback and suggestions to help you raise the standard of the Essay. Study Coach supports non-traditional learners studying for a Degree, Access Diploma, and Vocational Diploma.

Study Coach therefore offers a combined Online Educational Resource service and limited online Private Tutor Service for mature learners who need a caring Tutor. This means that wherever you are in the world you can access the service Online, and also submit assignments online for feedback. At University or College you will no doubt be assigned a Personal Tutor (Lecturer) to support you with your academic and pastoral concerns – this is great; but the problem is that lecturers have their own heavy workload and are hard pressed to find time to act as personal tutors. The Study Coach resources Questions and Answers will hopefully help students with their assignments. If you are new to University or College life, you will be told ‘Don’t be afraid to ask for Help’ – ‘It’s what we are here for’. The sentiment is great, but the reality is very different. The reality is that you will end up feeling that you are pestering your lecturers and personal tutor. Some lecturers may also start to question your suitability and competence to undertake your chosen course of study – this is where a Private Tutor might be of more help to you, or online resources such as Ask Study Coach Questions and Answers assist you. Study Coach’s blogs on Research Methodology is proving helpful to students working on research projects.

Study Coach Private Tutoring via Blog is focused on supporting adult learners, otherwise referred to as mature students or non-traditional learners. Adult Learners may be studying on a full-time or part-time basis; learners may be studying for a formal or non-formal qualification. What adult learners do have in common is that they have been outside of education for a number of years and have now taken the decision to re-educate self in order to find employment.

For many adult learners’ English is not their mother tongue, this can pose difficulties for students in understanding new theoretical concepts and drafting assignments. Adult learners may also need a confidence boost, particularly when faced with structuring and delivering presentations. Standing in front of your classmates and tutor to deliver a presentation can be very stressful. If your course involves placements, you will also be required to attend meetings and to give an opinion. If you are studying in preparation to work in the public sector, for example BSc Nursing or Social Work, you will need to effectively communicate with the public during placement. It is therefore worthwhile for you to develop public speaking skills. If cultural barriers are challenging you in your learning we are here to help you give more eye contact, and to develop your present verbal skills. You will make progress, we consider it to be simply a matter of developing new skills and building confidence; Private Online Tutoring at Study Coach can nurture you to develop these skills.

We understand that College/University life can be very different for adult learners, many of you will have to juggle studies/work and caring for children and family all at the same time. If you have family members abroad the situation can become even more stressful when crisis occur. Should you be feeling alienated, have difficulties with time management, feel stressed and need a listening ear, as your private tutor we are here to actively listen to you.

We have many years’ experience working with students at Higher and Further Education and we pride ourselves in understanding you. We understand academic expectations, assessment criteria, how not to fall foul of plagiarism, how to adhere to ethical practices. As a private tutor we are here to train you to empower yourself, so you will draft your Essay and make improvements and develop the Essay. Please note that Study Coach is not in the business of writing essays.

You may wish to learn what others think about Study Coach:
1. ‘Morel, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being the best tutor I have ever come across. You are a great teacher and you have impacted my academic and psychological thinking/views in an immense way’

2. ‘You are just the best thank you for your teaching because it change my life’

3. ‘Morel, I got my results, I got a First Class Honours, I am so glad I came to you privately. I can’t thank you enough’

4. ‘Dear Morel, please I have resent my essay as I have made some changes, I would be grateful if I can get the feedback by 15.03.17. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback on my Decision Making essay, I got 72%’

Morel Benard is a caring Private Tutor and she likes to keep things real; she will not shy away from telling you if your essay is more descriptive than discursive or if the essay is a copy and paste job. She has your interest at heart and wants you to fulfil your potential and be the best student you can be. Your relationship with Morel will be inspirational and developmental, she will take pleasure in watching you empower yourself.

Morel’s academic credentials are as follows: MSc Educational Leadership (University of Leicester); MA Criminology (Middlesex University); LLB Honours Law (University of East London); BSc Honours Psychology (Open University); PGCE (University of Greenwich); Internal Quality Assurer (IQA).

You don’t have to wait until you receive your first assignment brief to get in touch with Study Coach. If there is a particular topic you need guidance with, then feel free to ask Morel at Study Coach.

PHONE MOREL ON: 07944 849271

Thank you for all your help, you have built my confidence.

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