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The number of children in Home Education (Home Schooling) in the UK is growing and according to data from the BBC the Isle of Wight has the highest proportion of home-educated pupils. Home schooling is an international practice, it is popular in other parts of Europe and further afield in Australasia and South Africa and there is a long history of home education in North America. 

Reasons why Parents homeschool 

There are a number of reasons why parents are choosing to home school their children, inadequate schools, negative school environment, exam pressure creating stress for children, or the school cannot meet children’s needs are some reasons why parents have decided to educate their children at home, plus there is the issue of school bullying. For many parents school bullying has been a deciding factor in removing their child from school and into home education. When removing children from the school system in the UK, parents should heed a word of warning and that is to make sure the local authority has been informed. Parents in the USA should ensure that they are familiar with the home schooling laws in their respective state.

School Bullying


Schools shouldn’t become a breeding ground for emotional abuse, but the sad case is that bullying can go undetected for a very long time and cause untold damage to children. Children are monitored in the classroom and in the playground but it is a tall order to monitor all interactions between children and this presents untold opportunities for bullying to take place. Children who are victims of bullying may also choose not to disclose the bullying to parents; children are likely to fear that the bullying will become worse should they disclose incidents to teachers and parents. 

It is always disappointing to learn of parents who are aware that their child is a bully and yet refuse to reprimand the child to stop the bullying. Study Coach UK would like to ask parents not to turn a blind eye to bullying, it isn’t horseplay, it isn’t just a little bit of fun; children and young people’s lives are being seriously harmed by bullies operating within the school/college system. There are children who have now decided to resign themselves to years of suffering at the hands of bullies, they have resolved to endure the emotional abuse silently. The mental and psychological consequences for children as victims of bullying is extremely worrying. It is a cause for concern and Morel Benard at Study Coach writes on the issue affecting both children at school and adults in the workplace. 

Workplace Bullying

Bullying in both private and public sector is shameful. Morel Benard’s recent book ‘How to Stop a Workplace Bully’ is a true to life story of bullying in the workplace, see Amazon and Kindle. There is a recent allegation of bullying at the heart of central government, see the case of Sir Philip Rutnam as reported by ITV News BBC News and in other media. The allegations are that the Home Secretary, Priti Patel is a known perpetrator of bullying in the workplace. This news is certainly shocking and is currently being investigated in order to substantiate or dismiss the allegations.


One problem in home schooling is that parents as teachers will quickly need to become knowledgable about key subjects in order to prepare lessons. Parents/Carers will need to acquire teaching skills, design or find suitable teaching and learning resources to meet learners needs. Creating sufficient learning material and activities for a whole academic year is no easy fete and developing teaching skills overnight might prove a challenge for most parents.  Study Coach UK HomeSchooling Resources are designed to help parents learn about lesson planning and how to create learning activity sheets.    

Study Coach HomeSchooling Resources

Whatever your reason for deciding on home schooling we believe that you will want to ensure that your learners receive a quality standard of education, incorporating key subjects. The first available resource for download is on the subject of Geography and Climate, you can download the resource whenever you are ready. You will find the resource on the following landing page:

Other HomeSchooling Resources will be added in due course or as requested. Study Coach UK aim to support parents to homeschool, parents can therefore learn about lesson planning via studying the lesson plan included in the resource pack. 

Lesson Plan: 

A Lesson Plan is basically a written plan setting out the lesson:

  • LESSON AIM and 
  • OBJECTIVES (Learning Outcomes/Intentions) 


The lesson plan helps to provide a direction for teaching and learning and acts as a reminder of what the learner has previously achieved. Lesson plans therefore support teachers to reflect on previous learning, embed learning, set targets and facilitate learners to progress. Use the Study Coach lesson plan as an example to create your own lessons. 

It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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