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Inspiring and motivational Trainee Career T-Shirts designed by Study Coach are available to help educate girls and boys about future careers. The collection of Study Coach T-Shirts focusing on potential careers are at It is never too early to start thinking about the future and exploring career ideas. Study Coach Educational Supply Online Store aim to raise awareness about careers and to help children facilitated by parents to make links between school curriculum subjects and application to future academic/vocational courses and work. Careers guidance is available at some schools but too often the service is not rolled out until year 11, many young people considering college are left undecided of what course to follow, because they lack information and guidance. The Study Coach youth T-Shirts will help families to start a discussion about future job roles, expectations and responsibilities. 

Brand: Study Coach 

Please note when selecting t-shirts at amazon that the Brand is Study Coach, and all shirts starts with the word ‘Trainee’ other shirts stating ‘Coach’ don’t belong to Study Coach. Here is a link where you will find some of our shirts:

Trainee T-Shirts for Girls & Boys

Our T-Shirts at Amazon are for youths, you will therefore find that the available size is youth, we aim to widen the size range in due course. There are many colours to choose from and the T-Shirt messages are printed on 100% cotton and other comfortable fabrics, strong and yet soft. The shirts will maintain shape, durability and comfort, you can find further product information at amazon. 

Trainee Doctor T-Shirt

The school system can directly and indirectly place limitations on young people’s aspirations. For example, a child might aspire to become a Doctor but through negative indoctrination school peers and friends might influence the child that being a Doctor is far too difficult and should not be attempted. The child might not divulge this to parents but simply abandon the interest in medicine. Study Coach is here to help inspire the young person to follow their heart desire and become what they want to be. The Lovely Child who wants to be a Doctor should be facilitated to do so, gifting the child a Trainee Doctor at Clinic t-shirt, will help to motivate the child’s interest in medicine. 

Trainee Scientist T-Shirt for Girls & Boys

Science and STEM subjects is relevant to both boys and girls. Encourage the child to become a Scientist if you note that they have a flair for Science. If you note that Lovely Child 2 is always interested in reading about experiments and that the child will often create experiments, this could indicate that you have a budding scientist in the family. You could introduce the child to the idea of becoming a Scientist and facilitate your child’s interest in science by gifting the child a ‘Trainee Scientist in Lab’ T-Shirt. Wearing the T-Shirt will help the child to develop a connection to the world of science, motivate the child to research issues surrounding science and help the child to visualise being grown and working as a Scientist in a laboratory or in other settings.  

Study Coach’s Mission

The mission behind the T-Shirts is to reinforce and educate that all careers have value and that one should feel equally proud to be a Tree Surgeon, Medical Surgeon, Barber. Study Coach’s T-Shirt Collection aims to provide inspiration, we don’t believe in a superior hierarchy of careers. The Hairdresser can have one salon or a chain of salons, in other words the Hairdresser can accumulate as much wealth and respect as the Doctor. We aim for young people to wear our t-shirts and to feel inspired to work towards realising their potential. 

Trainee Entrepreneur – Study Coach at Amazon

For example Lovely Child 3 might show an interest in going into business and becoming a Trainee Entrepreneur.  We believe in encouraging children to explore ideas, purchasing a Trainee Entrepreneur T-Shirt will encourage the child to research business, generate ideas and make links between school subjects and application to work as an Entrepreneur. 

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