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Reading Books or Listening to Stories are great forms of entertainment. Study Coach UK Youtube channel presents books to entertain and educate. You will find books narrated by Morel Benard, to help you relax, whether when out and about or when at home. Visitors to the Study Coach UK channel will find a range of good English Literature; detective stories, romantic tales, science-fiction, and other books in the playlist. Study Coach UK storytelling channel is Free to access whenever it is convenient for you.

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Narrator/Storyteller: Morel Benard

Morel Benard is the narrator, the storyteller at Study Coach UK storytelling Youtube channel. Morel has acting experience on film, stage and radio. 


The storyteller can be so brilliant at storytelling that listeners can find it difficult to separate fact from fancy. Storytellers handing down stories told by great-grandparents, grandparents, parents can be so skilled in the art of storytelling that listeners will believe every word said as religious truth. 


The Storyteller can recount many wonderful stories, for example, stories about the Serpent Eagle and other mythical stories, passed down through the ages. Sometimes stories have been adapted, embellished, but yet they live on.  Stories about Anancy, the cunning spider or stories about the rice-bird has captivated young minds for decades. Depending on culture, even the youngest child knows how the rice-bird came about, and why an Igorot never harms O-wug, the snake. For adults, love stories, detective tales, life stories are providing both entertainment and education, and stories are accessible whenever it is convenient for the individual.  

Reading Books

Have you read 1984? It is a long read, and so Study Coach UK channel is doing the reading for you. The book is presented in episodes and you will find the episodes in the Playlist.  Look for 1984 Big Brother, New World Order. 1984, Big Brother New World Order is a fascinating story. The story is set in London, England, it is a thought provoking book. The ideas presented in the book, could leave you thinking whether the ideas are now being implemented in our present lives. At the time of publication, 1984 was deemed to be too controversial, too political,  thankfully the ban was lifted for us to enjoy the story today. Do listen to the story and carry out your own appraisal of whether we are living under 1984 conditions. 

Books on Love/Romance: 

You will find Love in the Haystacks in the Playlist, it is a relative short story, set on a farm in England. There is rivalry, jealousy, but also brotherly love, as two brothers eventually find their own love interest. The brothers transition from boyhood to manhood. The story provides insight into country life during the particular era. 

Lady Chatterly’s Lover 

You will find the story of Lady Chatterly’s Lover in Study Coach UK YouTube Playlist. Lady Chatterly’s Lover is a raunchy story, it was deemed to be scandalous at the time of its first publication, the story is set in the north of England and it considers issues such as social class, politics, social life. 

Science-Fiction Books

If looking for a touch of science-fiction, then listen to the story titled: ’Read my Mind’. Griffin, the scientist, continues to process ideas, make decisions, analyse information, though he no longer has a body, but he has a super working mind. The story demonstrates the Power of Mind. The central character is given a mechanical voice (AI), he has no body, but he has emotions. 

Study Coach UK – Storytelling on YouTube

Study Coach is certainly making the most of Youtube audio facilities. Listen to a Study Coach UK story as you take a walk, go for a drive, go to the gym, or simply listen when relaxing. Storytelling can also benefit adults when recovering in hospital or when at home. Senior citizens residing in a care home or at home can derive enjoyment from listening to Study Coach UK storytelling. Listening to stories can enhance listening and learning skills. 

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Please feel free to share Study Coach’s videos with others, whether they are in your locality or abroad. Listening to stories is a great way to stimulate our minds, and listening to stories can also help if you are an English as a Second Language learner. Stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion, and to enable people to become creative and to write their own stories. 

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Narrator/Storyteller: Morel Benard 

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It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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