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Storytelling introduces children to creative thinking and language development. Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast, presents one-off stories as well as episodes of stories, with the aim of encouraging children to read and to extend their vocabulary. In narrating stories, key story ideas are defined to help listeners prepare their minds, and so help listeners to understand and find meaning within the story.  Each episode of a story is usually presented in a 20 minute slot, and listeners can pause the audio and resume when convenient. Listeners can also re-listen to a story to aid understanding whenever they choose (with parents/carers permission).     

Timid Rabbit & Rajah Lion

You will find some lovely stories at Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast. You will find a cheeky monkey, using his wits against a shark and a lion, it is an amusing and moral tale. At this point in writing the latest story is about a Timid Rabbit. The little rabbit was taking a nap under a coconut tree, when he heard a very loud noise, and is convinced that the loud noise is a signal that the world is falling in. Listen to the story of the Timid Little Rabbit to find out what happened. Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast also provides some definitions and information about rabbits to help educate listeners and so extend their knowledge.

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Stories for Kids with Morel is a great way to keep kids entertained, it is a great resource to help educate children during Homeschooling and when children return from public school. Parents and Carers responsible for home education are encouraged to include stories in home lessons. Stories can help to spark a child’s imagination and provide ideas for essay writing, writing poetry and storytelling. 

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Morel at Stories for Kids is doing the reading for listeners, but the hope is that children will feel encouraged to engage more with reading, and extending their vocabulary. It is said that the type of books parents read to children will contribute to the depth of children’s learning. Furthermore, it is advisable for parents to include a variety of books in their read aloud experience, here at Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast we present a range of stories to stimulate minds.  Different types of books, styles of writing, will help to stretch and challenge children language skills; stretching children language skills is a good thing, but creating discomfort is not advisable. Reading materials should therefore be carefully chosen to promote trust, and to motivate learners. 


Anancy stories, and tales about Rabbits have been with us for many years, these tales have been passed down for generations and still gives pleasure to today’s children. Many of these stories of bygone days have a moral concept or theme, but is still relevant in today’s technological age. Folktales are very good for promoting cultural differences and raising awareness about different life perspectives.

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You will find Stories for Kids with Morel Podcast on most major podcast platforms including: Spotify, Google, Buzzsprout, the link for Apple is above – Happy listening.

It has truly been a pleasure to have had you as my psychology teacher. I do not think I would have understood half of what we learnt otherwise. THANK YOU for being so supportive and encouraging and for making Wednesday mornings unexpectedly amusing at times.

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