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Long Stories, short stories, oral stories, written stories, should have a plot, character(s) and setting. Readers might have a different definition of what exactly is a story, and that is okay. It would be of interest to hear your definition of a ‘story’. Whatever is your definition, hopefully you will be a fan of storytelling. Narrating tales of yesteryears or tales of recent days is a great way to pass on history, provide general information about life, cultural knowledge and provide readers/listeners with entertainment. Many stories are made into films, plays and writers/authors have become celebrities. It is a marvellous skill to be able to write stories and Study Coach UK certainly appreciate the work of the story writer. 


The writers of yesteryears have certainly left us a wealth of literature to feast upon and we are grateful for the legacy. It is a truism to say that everybody loves a story. Every race, every nation, every tribe, every family, has its favourite narratives, and people will take delight in gathering an audience in order to repeat a favourite story. Story writing has changed over the centuries, the early story writers wrote in verse, so that stories could be remembered and handed down, today writers will produce great volumes of work, the reader simply need to take the book off the shelf. Short stories can be consumed in a few minutes and longer stories could take weeks or months to complete, depending on the reader. 

Storytelling on Youtube

Short stories and long stories are narrated on the Study Coach UK YouTube channel page, and previous episodes of stories can be found in the playlist.  Here is a link to the Study Coach UK YouTube channel:


Study Coach UK is trying to grow its channel, your subscription would be appreciated. Please Subscribe to Study Coach UK storytelling channel on YouTube (link above) and please Share the videos. Thank You. 

Free Books Online

You can take Study Coach UK audio books with you whenever and wherever you choose. The Free Books Online are selected to Entertain and Educate  you. Viewers will find Romantic novels, Detective stories, Thrillers, Life Stories, Science-Fiction and other works on the front page and previous episodes in the playlist. Stories are presented in episodes of approximately 20 minutes, and you can listen at your own convenience. Travelling to work or returning from work could be a great time to do some listening, or when relaxing at home or before drifting off to sleep. Listening to stories can help to generate thoughts, help you to relax, stimulate creative ideas, provide education, help to extend language skills particularly if you are trying to extend English language vocabulary. The audio stories at Study Coach UK are freely accessible, these Free Books Online should prove useful to ESOL learners. 


Listening to stories can help people of all ages to become more familiar with English language. When listening to the videos viewers/listeners could take notes in respect of vocabulary and add the new words during social interactions with friends or when conducting business. Listening to audiobooks is not the only way to help extend vocabulary, learners are free to listen to English radio stations, television programmes and podcasts are alternative ways to become more engaged with English language. Narrator/Storyteller Morel Benard is also an educator and she would like to encourage listeners with English as a second language to note vocabulary when listening.   

Narrator/Storyteller Morel Benard 

Morel Benard is Study Coach UK Storyteller. Morel is also a Poet and Educator. If you are a writer and would like to share your stories with Study Coach UK storytelling on Youtube then please get in touch. Storytelling and poetry are equally important to Morel, not forgetting empowering others through education. Storytelling is creative education, entertaining learners to widen their perspectives and to progress in learning.   

Free Online Library of Stories for Homeschool 

Parents and Carers with responsibility for Homeschooling can use stories to teach lessons and to design accompanied learning tasks. Storytelling is a great way to entertain learners. The target audience for Study Coach stories are adults, but parents can select suitable episodes of stories for Home Schooling purposes, simply listen to episodes and make a choice. Senior citizens, relaxing at home, people in care homes or hospitalised will also find the Free Audio Books provided by Study Coach UK to be a great way to pass the time.

Detective Storytelling 

In Mysterious Styles by Agatha Christie, the brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is on the scene, thankfully he was staying in the Essex village and therefore on hand to solve the murder case. It is fair to say that Detective Poirot has become quite a legend, equally as famous as the author Christie  herself, the book is a good read. Other detective stories headed by Poirot will be added to our collection as we develop Study Coach UK channel. A number of Agatha Christie’s books have been made into television programmes, and this has added to bring celebrity status to Poirot.   

Free Books Online, Study Coach UK on Youtube

It would be great to hear from viewers/listeners about the type of books you would like to listen to, Study Coach welcomes feedback. There is no subscription fee to enjoy the stories, everything is Free, the Free Books Online at Study Coach means that everyone with an internet connection can access the stories, senior citizens can listen to readings throughout the day if they so wish, and during the night, particularly if having difficulties falling asleep. If you find reading challenging or know of someone who has difficulties reading then let Study Coach UK do the reading for you, we would love to have you with us. Do remember that listeners can pause the video and resume when convenient. You can also re-listen to the videos to aid understanding whenever you choose. Hop over to Youtube and select a Study Coach UK video and enjoy a story.   

Best Fiction Books

If you’re looking for romance you will find Love in the Haystacks in the Playlist; the story of two young country lads seeking a love experience, there is rivalry, jealousy, but also brotherly love, as they both find a love interest of their own. Need more Romance? If you do then listen to the complete work of Lady Chatterly’s Lover in Study Coach UK Playlist on Youtube. It is a raunchy story, the work was once banned, deemed to be too scandalous at the time of its first publication. Lady Chatterly’s Lover is also an interesting story from a social historical point of view about social class, social life, and the move from the North to the South in England.  

Science-Fiction Books – Story Writers 

‘Read my Mind’ is a science fiction thought provoking book. In Read my Mind, the scientist continues to process ideas, make decisions, analyse information, though he no longer has a body part, but he certainly has a super working mind. The Science Fiction story of Read my Mind, demonstrates the Power of Mind. The central character Mel is given a mechanical voice (AI), his scientist colleague has destroyed Mel’s body and emotions.

The story of the Invisible Man is set in England and is a work of science-fiction, the story can leave us questioning if the impossible can one day become possible. For example, will there come a time when men/women can make themselves invisible. The story of the Invisible Man, could leave us wondering what dark secrets are lurking in science labs. Griffin, a scientist is the main character in the story. Invisibility can lead people to murder, do listen to the videos (recent videos and also visit the playlist).    

Storytelling & Storyteller on Youtube

Stories are available and waiting for you to watch and download from Study Coach UK channel on Youtube. The service is Free, you will find a range of  videos waiting for you. Free Books Online is available whenever you are ready. Viewers/Listeners will find a range of stories to choose from, such as stories about romance, science-fiction, real life stories, detective stories and more. New stories are added on a continuous basis. 

Study Coach Storytelling on YouTube

The audio world of YouTube presents opportunities to help educate adults through storytelling and Study Coach is certainly making the most of Youtube audio facilities. The use of audio means that we can attend to other tasks as we listen, for example, listen to a Study Coach UK story as you take a walk, go to the gym, take a bath and carry out other tasks. Storytelling can also benefit adults with learning English. Listeners can improve articulation and listening skills through accessing the stories. Here is a second link to the Study Coach UK YouTube channel page:

Share Storytelling 

Please feel free to share Study Coach’s videos with others, whether they are in your locality or abroad. The stories can provide great opportunities for a discussion, and to enable people to become creative, plus enhancing listening and learning skills and providing entertainment. 

Youtube & Study Coach

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